4 Royal looks that would make Cinderella jealous

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Aside from Little Red Riding Hood or Puss in Boots, Cinderella is the only fairytale that’s really all about the clothes. Think about it: this story would not exist without a well-placed shoe. Not to mention the fairy godmother’s gift of a gown. Or even the dress the mice and birds assembled in the Disney cartoon. More than any other iconic fairytale heroine, Cinderella relies on a good outfit.

Which is why we’re so inspired by the new Cinderella movie hitting theaters on Friday. It’s a live action version of Disney’s famous adaptation of the Grimm fairytale, and it promises to deliver all the magic and sparkles we’ve come to expect. Now what to wear to the premiere? If, like Cinderella, you recognize the importance of a good outfit, here are four modern looks to chose from, inspired by four awesome princesses:


Of course we had to create a modern look for this fairytale fashionista. The Disney blue gown with a black choker has become synonymous with the girl who lost her shoe at a ball. Here’s a more modern version: a sleeveless skater dress with a black and gold bib necklace. Bowed heels add to the feminine look, and don’t forget a white scarf—those balls can get cold from time to time.

Princess Leia

Not all princesses are part of the Wonderful World of Disney. Princess Leia, born in a galaxy far, far away, just happens to be one of our favorites. Her white, robe-like dress and cinnamon bun hairstyle is one of the most recognizable looks in the world. Here we’ve reimagined it with a modern shift dress and sleek ankle boots. Star earrings will remind you of far off planets, and you’ll definitely need the hairspray if you’re going to attempt Leia’s complicated braids.

Snow White

Channel your inner Snow White with this chic mermaid-style skirt and a deep blue blouse. Red details add pops of color, like this perfectly delicious apple ring and a vintage inspired head-scarf. Of course every Snow White needs bright red lips, while bold mascara will give you that perfect doe-eyed princess look.


If any of our princesses can pull off leather leggings, it’s Merida from Brave. A loose top and ankle boots would give a modern Merida more freedom when it came to things like shooting a bow (the arrow ring is a little nod!), while a red turban headband will help tame your wild locks. If you’re more of a sporty princess, then this look is for you.

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