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What makes a great literary web series kiss? What makes us get lightheaded, warms us up, and causes our knees to vicariously buckle?

We love how Lizzie Bennet, Emma Woodhouse, Vic Frankenstein and Alice Rackham all initiated their kisses. Kyle Walters, doing double duty as Peter Pan and Sanditon’s Ed Denham, gets bonus points for technique. After all they had fought through, Carmilla and Laura’s kiss was a triumphant declaration that love conquers all. And after 95 episodes of waiting, could anything top Dizzie Day?

Here at Webheads, we had a lot of trouble picking our choice for Best Kiss. And judging by how the vote is spread out, you did, too! As we went live, Lizzie and Darcy were in the lead, with Algy and Cecily running a very close second. But whichever kiss is your favorite, we Webheads are the winners, because we get to watch them all.


Just as we find out that Jack and Algy are brothers, In Earnest says goodbye. At least we get to see Algy star in “Guys and Dolls.”  Watch the heartwarming finale, or watch the series from the beginning. Then, go read The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, and see for yourself why it is widely considered the most perfect comedy in the English language.


A Finger Slip is an upcoming web series based on fan fiction from the BBC’s Sherlock, about Holmes and Watson meeting accidentally in their teens…The Classic Alice crowdfunder has been extended to March 6 and posted Andrew making a fool of himself with puppets….Green Gables Fables continues in transmedia, and have launched a Kickstarter campaign for Season 2…


If you missed it, Baker Street posted a Q&A video….Be sure to catch Mary Kate Wiles and Laura Spencer in the charming short, Cecelia, from the gifted Yulin Kuang…The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy has been named a Hollyweb Festival Official Selection for 2015…Another reason Webheads love literary web series, the Green Gables Fables team produced this video for a fan’s birthday…. Watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episode #42 and listen to alternate DVD commentary by Ashley Clements and Julia Cho…


On Elinor and Marianne Take Barton, a drunk Lucy revealed to Marianne that she has been faking the return of her leukemia to keep Edward’s attention. And just when we were starting to like her.


Frankie spent Valentine’s Day sick in bed on From Mansfield with Love, but Ed finally missed her and offered to care for her. Let’s just hope Mrs. Norris never discovers the videos.


It’s Austen girls gone wild on The Jane Games. (Catch up on the series here.)


On The March Family Letters, Meg talked about being single and Valentine’s Day, and the March sisters shared their dreams.


Mary kept hearing mysterious noises in the house that Phoebe didn’t seem to hear on The Misselthwaite Archives. Mary complained about the Oregon weather, but cool and rainy seems pretty good with most of the country in a deep freeze.


We shared a day in the life of The Writing Majors and got to meet super hot actor guy, Will, Oscar’s project partner. As he says, “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Yeah. That Will.

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