Star-Lord, Captain America, and a Historic Super Bowl Payoff


This is what heroes are made of.

After the New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks in the most thrilling roller-coaster of a Super Bowl ever played, Washington native Chris Pratt (who played Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy) announced that he would honor his wager with Massachusetts born-and-bred Chris Evans (the big screen’s Captain America).

The two had entered a Super-sized bet in which the loser would have to visit a children’s hospital in the winner’s home town dressed in full super-hero regalia (see story below).

Shortly after the Patriots secured the victory, Pratt tweeted his congratulations to the Evans’ team, and promised that Star-Lord would be visiting Christopher’s Haven in Boston.

Minutes later, Evans tweeted his thanks to Pratt, and announced that both actors would visit not only Children’s Haven, but Seattle Children’s Hospital as well.

In a world full of suspicion, cynicism and scandal surrounding our athletes, teams and sports, leave it to two superheroes to remind us what good sportsmanship looks like. Congrats to Evans and Pratt on a Super Sunday well played!

Superbowl XLIX: Captain America vs. Star-Lord

Patriots? Seahawks? Feh!

We’ve got a Super Bowl Sunday matchup that’s going to feature none other than the star-spangled Avenger Captain America facing off against the intrepid leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star-Lord.

This heroic showdown came about when Chris Evans, who plays Cap on the big screen, got into a Twitter showdown with Chris Pratt, the man behind Star-Lord’s mask. Evans (born in Boston and raised in Sudbury Massachusetts, both of which are prime New England Patriots country) is so sure that his team will win the big game that he’s made an Avenger-size bet with Pratt (who was raised in Lake Stevens, Washington, a stronghold of the Seattle Seahawks).


If the Seahawks win, Evans will fly himself to Washington and visit the Seattle Children’s Hospital in his Captain America uniform while carrying the Seahawks’ revered “12th Man” flag. Should the Patriots prevail, Pratt will whisk himself to Massachusetts and, in full Star-Lord regalia, visit Christopher’s Haven, a non-profit center that provides housing for outpatient pediatric cancer patients and their families.

So basically, whichever team comes out on top on Super Bowl Sunday, it’s going to make a lot of kids happy.

We figure there are plenty of sites that will give you the skinny on the two teams doing battle in the big game. Here, though, is our rundown of the two heroes facing off in the Super Bowl Super Hero Challenge:




  • Iron will, fierce determination, and an unwavering devotion to liberty and freedom. Definitely useful while breaking free of tacklers.
  • The product of the government’s 1940’s “Super Soldier” experiment, Cap is the pinnacle of human strength, speed, and endurance. Like Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, Cap can physically dominate opponents, which should help him pick up crucial extra yards after catching a pass.


  • Cap was frozen in suspended animation for nearly 70 years, and as such, he’s somewhat unfamiliar with modern technology. Could be distracted by giant video scoreboards.


  • Cap fights with a shield made of a vibranium alloy, which is capable of withstanding any blow. He also throws the shield with unerring accuracy, a skill which should help him complete a pass, even in double or triple coverage.





  • Kidnapped from Earth by alien pirates in 1988, Peter Quill was raised in space, and relies on his cunning nature and quick wits to survive. Just as Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson often improvises to make the best out of broken plays, Star-Lord can be at his most dangerous when surrounded by chaos.
  • Having been raised by pirates, Quill is not without his occasional leaning towards greed and profit. In football, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as sometimes gaining that extra inch of yardage can make or break a play.


  • Quill is definitely a ladies’ man, and bears the physical (if not emotional) scars of scorned women of various species throughout the galaxy. Could be distracted by scantily-clad cheerleaders.


  • Quill has at his disposal an array of alien weaponry that allows him to, among other things, breathe in any atmosphere and fly short distances. The big game is being played under a dome, so the breathing shouldn’t be an issue, but we’ll have to see how the NFL rules on the use of the jet pack.