Steve Berry sends Cotton Malone on his greatest adventure — and it can make you a winner

In Steve Berry’s new thriller, The Patriot Threat, elite Justice Department agent Cotton Malone faces what might be the most dangerous menace to America he has ever seen. And we’re not going to give away the ending, but the big winner could be YOU!

“We all know that two things are certain: death and taxes. Malone is about to discover both of those,” Berry said. “In The Patriot Threat, he gets caught up in an adventure that takes 24 hours, and it involves a constitutional question that can have grave consequences for the United States.

“Over 90 percent of our revenues come from income tax,” Berry said. “So if the bills were threatened in any way, the United States would be in serious trouble. And one of the book’s characters makes the comment that threatening that revenue might be the cleverest weapon of mass destruction ever devised—and he might be right. He’s using our own laws against us, and Cotton gets caught up in all of that.”

To celebrate the release of The Patriot Threat, Berry’s 10th Cotton Malone novel, the author has devised a contest as clever as any of his character’s adventures. “Writers always get a certain amount of their books each time one is published, and I had quite a few sitting in a room,” he said. “So we decided to gather up some complete sets of the Cotton Malone books.”

Berry’s first giveaway will be a complete set of signed, first-edition Cotton Malone books, and entering the contest couldn’t be easier. Help spread the word about The Patriot Threat on social media, and you can earn multiple entries—and there’s no limit on the number of times you can enter.

“If you use our sample tweet telling people you pre-ordered The Patriot Threat, you get three entries,” Berry said. “If you follow me on Twitter, you get one entry. If you post on Facebook or Twitter the reason why you’re excited to read The Patriot Threat, then you pick up another three entries.” Contest rules and sample posts you can use to earn entries can be found on Berry’s Facebook page. The contest is open worldwide until February 13.

“Some of these books are no longer available,” Berry said of the contest prizes. “There are several of them that would be tough to find. But we have a complete set, and they’re in mint condition, too.”

So death and taxes may be the only certainties in life and The Patriot Threat may be Cotton Malone’s toughest case. Entering the contest to win all of his adventures, however, couldn’t be easier. Go ahead and give it a try!