We’re tired of the movie “experts.” They have been weighing in for weeks about which movie will snag the Academy Awards’ big prize—Best Motion Picture—and we don’t agree at all. Some of us adored Birdman, some thought it pretentious. Some thought Boyhood was a timeless masterpiece; others thought it meandered off to Nowheresville. Was Whiplash sadistic, brilliant or both? Were The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything terrific or too safe?  Grand Budapest Hotel was totally charming or too (Wes) Craven. American Sniper was right on target or too tidy? And why the snubs against a movie as important as Selma? It’s amazing there haven’t been fistfights at the water cooler.

One thing is clear—moviegoers from coast to coast will not be happy with the Academy’s choices. And, as sure as snow in the Northeast—the day after the Oscars there will be a flood of Facebook posts on just how wrong the Academy got it.

That’s why this year BookTrib is asking your opinion. We want to know which films you believe should win the coveted golden statuette, the quixotic grail all moviemakers seek, the movie industry’s own MacGuffin. So make your choices and cast your vote. This is your chance to show the Academy just who’s boss.

Do you want to weigh about your favorite? Let us know in the comments.