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Dear Reader

2_2_AmazonBurning1_FINTo borrow one of my reviewer’s lines, I wanted the story to be like “being transported to a magical & slightly nightmarish dream world,” which perfectly describes my personal experience in the jungle: A gorgeous but dangerous place where gun-toting ranchers threaten in cafes, airplane engines conk out mid-flight, and native Yanomami women peek under your t-shirt to see what you really look like! I hope the Brazilian Amazon comes alive for you too.


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Dear Reader,

In writing a long-running series with an ever-expanding cast of characters, I often find myself faced with a secondary player who’s only supposed to be part of the wallpaper but instead chews it up and demands I give him a story. Yes, Lazaro Archer, I’m looking at you.

Granted, I haven’t made it easy on the thousand-year-old Breed male. He’s suffered devastating losses since he first walked onto the page, but in TEMPTED BY MIDNIGHT he meets the one woman who awakens his desire and challenges him to open his wounded heart again.

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Dear Reader,

dollgodWhat toys set you on a search for humanity? for divinity? For me it was my dolls–Madame Alexander, Barbie, Japanese Hakata.

The poems in Doll God examine marriage, divorce, motherhood, and family losses. The speaker in one poem insists, “I am still looking for angels.”

Caroline Goodwin, author of Peregrine and Trapline, calls Doll God “a fierce and beautiful book.”

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Thank you,

luannecastleLuanne Castle


Reader Note:

johnsmithbookjacketDid you ever wonder about the end of “The Time Machine” and what books were taken to reboot humanity?  John Smith and his family had to answer that question, and not just hypothetically.

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