Sherlock-inspired web series launches–It’s Baker Street, my dear Watson

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Love Sherlock Holmes? Check out the new web series, Baker Street, an innovative modern adaption of the short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and inspired by the BBC’s Sherlock. Former med student, Jane Watson, finds herself thrust into a world of mystery when she rooms with the challenging and brilliant (and female!) Sherlock Holmes. Watch the first episode of this three-part series; the remaining episodes air on January 16 and 23 at 8PM EST.


Webheads favorite Classic Alice has never been hotter! Ocelites have been talking nonstop about the kiss and this, and the Indiegogo campaign to fund Season 2 has been burning past expectations. We are so excited about what is sure to be an entertaining BookTrib Live Chat with Kate Hackett and Tony Noto! So, if you haven’t already done so, sign up, send in your questions, and be sure to tune in on January 14 at 4pm EST. The crowdfunder continues through February 17.


Bernie Su, executive producer at Pemberley Digital, and mastermind of the transmedia literary web series, has been named 2014 Creator of the Year by VideoInk…And, in case you missed it, Bernie posted a must-read on The March Family Letters/Pemberley Digital partnership and the continued evolution of vlog adaptions…Did you catch the fun behind-the-scenes time lapse video from Emma Approved?… The Misselthwaite Archives, a modern retelling of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden, has begun transmedia with video launch on January 23…Masked, the modern adaption of The Scarlet Pimpernel by Emma Orczy, has launched their website




Gwen and Cecily finally confronted Jack and Algy on In Earnest. Algy and Cecily reconciled, but seriously: Jack and Gwen need some relationship counseling.



On East and West, Maggie confessed that, after a couple of initial negative comments, she almost didn’t continue making her vlog, but was surprised and buoyed by overwhelming support from viewers. She had her first tutoring session with John Thornton, who, it turns out, has a mutual friend with her father, a Mr. Bell.



Anne and Gil both got summer internships on Green Gables Fables, and Fablers rejoiced when Anne was accepted to Redmond University with a full scholarship.



Elinor and Charlotte took over for Marianne on Elinor and Marianne Take Barton, catching up on their holiday. Elinor started a new job, and they made plans for Marianne’s birthday party.



On Writing Majors, Emily (Dickinson) was just starting a vlog tour of the apartment she shares with Jane (Austen) and Oscar (Wilde) when Jane burst in demanding to talk about “the friend zone” after Scott (Fitzgerald), accused her of putting him there.



Mr. Bertram has acquired a new hotel in Antigua on From Mansfield With Love. Tom had all the scoop on Henry Crawford and his sister, Mary, who will be staying at Mansfield Park while renovating a wing.



The video letters to Marmee continued on The March Family Letters, with Jo teasing a reluctant Meg, and Amy and Jo performing Part I of a Jo March original, um, drama? The Witch’s Curse.



Feature image: Penguin 2011 edition The Secret Garden by cover designer  Jillian Tamaki


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