Misselthwaite Archives brings The Secret Garden into the 21st century

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What do you get when you bring childhood favorite The Secret Garden into the 21st century? The newest web series, The Misslethwaite Archives, explores the mystical story of Mary Lennox, reimagined as an orphaned teenager adjusting to life on her uncle’s Oregon estate. She hates it, but becomes absorbed in trying to find the hidden forest glade where her aunt passed away many years before. Viewer art, fan fiction and mixes will help tell the story and become part of canon. Series launch is January 23; episodes air Wednesdays and Fridays.


Classic Alice went dark on us for a week, and the Season 1 finale was worth the wait, but now we really want Books 8+! Watch the finale, then go back and watch from the beginning. And to make sure that there is Walden and beyond, support the crowdfunder.


There has been a flurry of bonus videos lately! Frankenstein, M.D. posted both a time lapse behind-the-scenes and the cast on creating characters.  The creative team behind In Earnest created a mock audition reel, Jane and Oscar “officially” launched the Writing Majors channel, and The March Family Letters introduced the cast. And don’t miss this delightful blooper reel from Emma Approved!



On the second, longer, installment of Baker Street, we met the dark side of Sherlock and saw more of Jane’s academic life. Someone should probably tell Jane that it is never a good idea to get involved with your professor.


We met Maggie’s father on East and West, and some of Maggie’s college friends, who work for Thornton Industries and gave Maggie an earful about John Thornton. It sounds like he could use some lessons from William Darcy.



On Elinor & Marianne Take Barton, everyone was getting ready for Marianne’s birthday party. Somehow we don’t think it will end well.


The Crawfords arrived on From Mansfield With Love. Things will definitely not be boring around the hotel for the next few months.



Green Gables Fables devastated Fablers with Matthew’s sudden death, and our hearts ached for Anne. Will this tragedy let us finally see Marilla?



Algy and Cecily eloped on In Earnest. Now Algy is faced with telling his aunt, Gwen’s mother, who happens to control his finances.



On The March Family Letters, Meg persuaded Jo to help her curl her hair for the inter-department gala with disastrous results, and then injured her ankle. When their car wouldn’t start, Laurie brought them home and danced with Jo.



It’s back to school and a new semester for The Writing Majors, including too many syllabi. But who is the new mystery man in Oscar’s life?


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