Lit for Webheads — Spotlight on 2014 voting results and look ahead to 2015

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We’re back, Webheads! Did you miss us? We take a break, and all kinds of things happen! The March Family Letters announced a distribution partnership with Pemberley Digital, A Midsemester Night’s Dream ended, and everyone had a Christmas video, including Lovely Little Losers and Carmilla, (in its own creepy way). Now we are rested and ready for a new year of literary webiness. And what better way to kick off the New Year than with three new series?

But first, drumroll, please! Your choice for Favorite Literary Web Series for 2014 is Emma Approved. Thank you to everyone who voted.


East & West is a modern adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South. Maggie Hale is a British graduate student who misses the UK and dislikes the Canadian winters. Mondays


After a year of transmedia, The March Family Letters, a modern adaption of Louisa Mae Alcott’s Little Women, launched on Pemberley Digital’s YouTube channel. Marmee is deployed overseas; the videos are letters from home. Tuesdays and Fridays


The Writing Majors imagines what it would be like if some of literature’s iconic writers attended college together in today’s world. Fridays. Here’s a clip of Emily and Charlotte Bronte.


Classic Alice’s drive to fund Season 2 has started! Check out the Indiegogo campaign, then tune in to BookTrib on January 15 to our live chat with Alice and Andrew themselves, Kate Hackett and Tony Noto…The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy resume filming this week…Our friends at the LBD Care Center have tumbled a comprehensive list of literary web series…


Alice, Cara and Andrew wished Classic Alice viewers a happy holidays with a holiday neutral song, and Alice loaded four bonus videos in one day that started with adorable and ended the day heartbreaking. Alice played an overly complicated game and then….the feels!



On From Mansfield With Love, Frankie spent most of the holiday working, but slipped away to send brother Will Christmas and New Year’s greetings, and Rory and Rhea got engaged.


It was not a happy holiday for anyone (except perhaps Lane) on In Earnest as Algy and Jack pined for Cecily and Gwen, and the women tried to make sense of their deception. Cecily’s one way heart-to-heart with Anne Shirley gave her perspective, and shippers a reason again to hope for Algerly.


Shirbert shippers squealed at the holiday party on Green Gables Fables, and the New Year had Anne celebrating a year of vlogs with a sweet compilation video.

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