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Dear Reader,

EstherThe biblical story of Esther is one that has been compelling for centuries, and I’m very excited for you to read my adaptation in Esther: Royal Beauty. Each novel of the series will explore an example of a Hebrew Old Testament tob woman: a woman whose physical beauty influences those around her–and can change the course of history. For a chance to win one of five copies, email my publicist at [email protected]. Blessings,

Angela_HuntAngela Hunt





Dear Reader:

ResurrectionMaker90KBIn the high-voltage thriller, The Resurrection Maker, Arthur Malory, a young Englishman with a lifelong passion for Grail mythology, finds himself in a life or death struggle to find the Grail and in the process discovers remarkable things about his own heritage and his personal connection to the holy relic.

The book is also my personal quest to explore the intersection of science and belief, of physics and religion. The central question is this: could the discovery of the Grail lead to the greatest of all revelations – a scientific explanation for the very foundation of Christianity, the resurrection of Christ?

I’m giving away five books. Write [email protected] to win!

GlennCooper90KBGlenn Cooper