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It’s the end of another year and we can’t resist jumping in with 2014 Webheads Most Memorable Episodes. Let’s take some time before we toast in a new year of literary webiness to take a look back at a few of our favorite web series moments. Then vote for your favorite web series, and watch this column for the results.

We loved the finale of Emma Approved (the cranes!). But we agree with #1 in the LBD Care Center fan poll, Episode 70, when Knighthouse becomes a thing—“At Last.”


“Don’t grow up; it’s a trap!” There is so much we love about The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy that it would fill a page (and it did in this BookTrib interview with Kyle Walters). Episode 10 had us talking and reflecting, and Episode 24 broke our hearts, but it was Episode 12 that brought all the feels.


The Creampuffs went crazy for The Kiss between Laura and our favorite lesbian vampire in the final episode of Carmilla, but it is climactic Episode 35, where simple storytelling vividly related The Rescue and Carmilla’s heroic sacrifice, that is worth watching again and again.


OK, fine. Let’s face it—the fandoms live for the kissing episodes. The finale of Frankenstein, M.D. led us on a roller coaster, from love to death and destruction within seven minutes, but it also reminded us that no one does literary web series better than Pemberley Digital.


The Classic Alice fandom exploded in anger when Ewan used his position on the student newspaper to out Cara and her girlfriend while campaigning against Alice for student body president. We couldn’t wait for Episode 18, which delivered the aftermath in all its raw painfulness. Plus, we got to see the history students again, who need to be in a production of Macbeth very soon.


Earnest/Algy and Cecily are adorable, Earnest/Jack and Gwen are endearing, but we heart the Jack and Algy bromance on In Earnest. Episode 9, re-enacting Jack’s disastrous interview with Gwen’s stepmother, is one of our favorites.


Anne’s mention of In Earnest’s Cecily Cardew in a video on Green Gables Fables made history as the first web series crossover. Matthew tugged our heartstrings in Episode 25, and Shirbert shippers crowed at Episode 33. But nothing beats the fun of Anne’s sleepover party in Episode 35.


Voting is over. Results will be revealed Wednesday, Jan. 07 in our regular Lit For Webheads columns, Facebook and twitter.


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