Holiday gifts for the web series lover in your life

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Whether making your own wish list, or shopping for your favorite Webhead, we have some favorite lit series goodies we would love to get wrapped in a sparkling ribbon! Proceeds from all the gifts here go directly to support your favorite shows. A great way to get your fix and support hardworking artists._design

To prevent Carmilla withdrawals, every Creampuff needs this stunning poster.

Why buy anything else when you could be buying books? No, really. We love that this poster from says exactly that. For your Lizzie Bennet Diaries fan, get the complete series on DVD (featurettes, bloopers and commentary included!), or a special LBD edition of Pride and Prejudice with forward by executive producer Hank Green.

tshirt-mermaidlagoonWOMEN-darkD_originalEveryone needs a kiss! Carry Peter Pan’s kiss with you when you wear this darling Acorn Necklace. Own your own copy of Peter’s artwork with this The Adventures of Pan Solo: The Shadow Falls poster. Be the envy of all your friends when you wear the coolest band in town! Mermaid Lagoon T-shirt comes in a selection of colors.

Show Alice and Andrew your school spirit with a Valeton University hoodie. Relive all the highlights of Season One of The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy on DVD or digital download.Keep your lab notes, or your most private thoughts, in a Frankenstein, M.D. Journal. You will be Emma Approved when you sip a hot beverage from this Everyone Loves Humans mug. Classic Alice fans will love this Keep Calm and Live in a Novel framed art print. And carry it all in a Classic Alice logo tote bag.



Carmilla ended with episode 36, but the campaign is on for a Season 2! Watch the complete series, then see what you can do to help make a second season a reality.


Season 2 of The New Adventures of Peter & Wendy has begun filming and Hook is on the set! Speaking of NPW, friend of BookTrib, Kyle Walters, is #7 on the list of the Entertainment Weekly Top 12 Peter Pans …Did you catch the Classic Alice Book 6 blooper reel?


In Earnest was all Algerly all the time! Algie/Earnest and Cecily made with the adorbs, and wait—what?! Got engaged?


We finally met Frankie Price on new favorite, From Mansfield With Love! In her video letters to her brother, Will, she introduced us to the hotel and to some of the Bertram family, and confided that she won’t be going home for Christmas because it’s just not the same without Will.


Classic Alice starts A Christmas Carol. Cara Bob, er, “Jacob Marleys” Alice, and Andrew inserts a pity party. The big question is: Who will be the ghost of Christmas past?


This time, it’s Elinor who stated the obvious to oblivious Marianne: If he’s polite texting, you’ve been friendzoned. Elinor and Marianne Take Barton


Gil, Ruby, Josie and Jane uploaded their first vlogs on Green Gables Fables. Anne raved about poetry, declaring her intent to recite “The Maiden’s Vow during the open mic portion of at a literacy benefit in Regina.


Don’t see your favorite literary web series? Tell us about it in the comments!

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