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We webheads love to watch our favorite books come to life. Long before there was vlogging, we got our fix from the silver screen. Swooning over Colin Firth and Matthew McFadyen as Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice made us wildly impatient to see Pemberley Digital’s elusive William Darcy. Alicia Silverstone’s adorable Cher in Clueless was a reminder that we would eventually grow to love Joanna Sotomura’s Emma. And, confess it—thanks to numerous versions of A Christmas Carol, aren’t we secretly hoping to see a black-robed specter carrying a long-handled scythe visit Alice?


You have to watch the adorableness of Knighthouse, Joanna Sotomura and Brent Bailey, caught on camera shipping themselves during the filming of Emma Approved. … And speaking of, did you see the reaction video by the cast of Emma Approved to the finale? … Frankenstein M.D.’s Anna Lore has a Merci chocolate ad running during the holidays. … Vote Carmilla for Best Web Series in the AfterEllen Visibility Awards …



Anne burst with holiday joy as she decorated for Christmas on Green Gables Fables. Visions of Shirbert are dancing in our heads as Gil got broad hints about Anne from her friends during their weekly vlogs.


On In Earnest, Algie persuaded Jack to be just a little less earnest about finals, and got himself invited to Christmas with Jack’s family (was that Cecily he was texting?). But it’s the video of Algie singing for his jury that has us swooning.


Frankie’s latest video letter to her brother shows us the dark side of working at Mansfield Park when she almost gets fired, and we find out just how hard it will be for her to be away from him for Christmas on From Mansfield With Love. But lovable Ed swoops in to save the day with tea and donuts.

We knew that Alice couldn’t stay away from Andrew for too long on Classic Alice. Andrew decided he blew it with her, so it was adorkableness when Alice stopped in and asked him to help Cara and her decorate for Christmas.

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