11 Ways to book your Christmas tree

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If you’re anything like my mother, you’ll be busy decorating your Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. Can you really blame her? With stores blaring holiday music in October, it’s no wonder she’s ready for her tree before the turkey has totally cooled.

This year I’m hoping to talk her out of the Popsicle-stick ornaments I made when I was 8 and into a more fashionable tree. And by fashionable, I mean literary. Novels are the best and so are Christmas trees, so why not blend the two? Here are some ideas for your own literary-inspired tree:

Actual Book Trees

This year skip the greenery and get right to the point. Stacked novels make a perfect tree, whether you go for a colorful choice:

Book tree

Or a green, tree-like vibe:

Book Tree 2

Or even a perfectly splayed look:

Book Tree 3

Book Ornaments

This elegant-but-simple ornament can be made through decoupage or by slipping pieces of a story into a glass ball:

Book Ornament

While this Scrabble ornament is available on Etsy (and with customized phrases!):

Scrabble Ornament

Replace those boring popcorn strings with some literary garland this year:

Literary Garland

I’m personally drawn to this Outlander ornament. Perfect for fans of Diana Gabaldon’s must-read series:

Outlander Ornament

Novel Inspired Trees

For those truly ambitious people, why not turn an entire tree into your favorite novel? This Hunger Games concept takes the bright colors of the Capital and pairs it with the Mockingjay symbol:

Hunger Games

While this Harry Potter tree incorporates the books, the train, the sorting-hat, and even Harry’s glasses:

Harry Potter

A Twilight Tree pops when it uses the white, red, and black of the book’s cover:

Twilight Tree

But the real winner is this Wizard of Oz tree. Ruby slippers! Blue gingham! A flying witch over the Land of Oz! It’s perfect.

Wizard of Oz Tree

How will you decorate your tree this year? Let us know in the comments!

Rachel Carter grew up surrounded by trees and snow and mountains. She graduated from the University of Vermont and Columbia University, where she received her MFA in nonfiction writing. She is the author of the So Close to You series with Harperteen. These days you can find her working on her next novel in the woods of Vermont.

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