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SPOTLIGHT ON: Classic Alice

What if you decided to live your life according to classic literature and your best friend made a documentary about it? A bad grade on a college essay compels funny, flawed Alice Rackham to do just that. Friend Andrew Pritchard (the irresistible Tony Noto) documents it for a class project while trying to keep her out of trouble. Brainchild of star and writer, Kate Hackett, Alice’s adventures have already ranged from Pygmalion to the current Rip van Winkle.

“I wanted to make a show that both showcased my abilities as an actor and touched people while encouraging them to do something GOOD (and I think reading is pretty awesome). I think it’s really important to make things that either inspire, question, or touch people,” she said.

The series makes full use of transmedia to tell its story, including a weekly podcast by Alice’s roommate Cara, and a fan fiction contest. Plans have already started for Season 2. With the first season only halfway done, we can’t wait to see what happens next.

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Why we watch it: Smart, charming and playful, and we ship Alice and Andrew. Plus, we say bravo to anything that makes people want to read a book! Don’t forget to enter our giveaway contest — a copy of Pygmalion signed by the Classic Alice creative team.


On In Earnest, Jack decided to get rid of his “Bunbury.” He told Cecily that Earnest is off to school in Europe. But will Jack have the courage to tell Gwen that he is Jack and not Earnest?

Meanwhile, on Green Gables Fables, Gilbert tried to share a table to study in the library with Anne, but it didn’t go well. The real question is: Why is he dating Ruby Gillis?

Marianne gave a party, and had the guests make her weekly video for her on Marianne and Elinor Take Barton. Edward hooked up with Lucy, Brandon and Elinor made awkward conversation, and Charlotte continued her ill-advised matchmaking.


Paul Stuart (Elton) and Christopher Sean try to sing “Maybe I Can” for Emma Approved’s Harriet’s Music Club.


The March Family Letters starts officially in December. Meanwhile, they’re already been active on Twitter and Tumblr…The Candle Wasters are at it again with Lovely Little Losers, a modern adaption of Shakespeare’s Love’s Labours Lost. Check out their Kickstarter for details…And because we can never get enough of Jane Austen, early next year we’ll see Project Dashwood, another modern adaption of Sense and Sensibility…YouTube is launching a how-to series on web series production.


In Nothing Much to Do, the Candle Wasters, four young new Zealand women aged 17-21, brought the madcap flap of Much Ado About Nothing into the 21st century and high school. Produced with no funding, this charming, fun adaption wasn’t afraid to deconstruct and reshape Shakespeare, and became a must-see series.