Mysterious happenings after hours in The Joy of Books

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In celebration of All Hallows’ Eve, you never know what that “bump in the night” truly is. A goblin? Possibly. A ghost? Maybe. But it could also be a book springing to life after dark! We here at BookTrib HQ thought fans might want to know what really happens at your local bookstore when the sun sets. We know this is what happens at Type Books in Toronto.

The Nerd Squad consists of the stalwart agents known only by their secret code names: Tech Nerd, Word Nerd, Her Awesomeness, the Bald Avenger, Sarcasm Slayer, the Fighting Foodie, the Scarlet Pencil and T.I. Benz. Together they patrol the farthest reaches of the galaxy looking for tempting geeky morsels and making the universe safe for Nerdkind. Thumbnail: Justice League #34 by Dale Eaglesham

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