Between the BBC show The Musketeers and Friday’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, leather and sword fighting seem to be everywhere we look. And that’s a good thing, trust us. Not only are we excited to try out some “matey’s,” and “arrrs,” but we’ve also been inspired by talking with Phoebe De Gaye, costume designer for The Musketeers. So inspired, in fact, that we’re trying our hand at designing a few swashbuckling looks of our own.

Inspired by The Musketeers

The Musketeers follows four highly trained swordsmen who protect their king, wear lots of leather, and look good doing it. Read our interview with Phoebe De Gaye for more info on what it’s like to design for these iconic characters. And should you ever find yourself in a slightly more modern version of The Musketeers, here are two looks to help you fit in:

For an epic sword fight:

Musketeer Sword Fight


For when Porthos or D’Artagnan takes you on a date:


Musketeer's Date Night


Inspired by Talk Like a Pirate Day

A few fun facts about pirate fashion:
• Blackbeard had dreadlocks and tied ribbons in his beard, though he would sometimes set both on fire in order to scare his victims.
• One of the first things pirates did during an attack was make their victims strip down – literally stealing the clothes off their back. Most pirate clothing came from stealing finery and jewelry from their victims – the nicest stuff went to the captain – which is why their outfits veered toward the garish and colorful. But while the captain had his choice, the crew would often wear one outfit until it became tattered and beyond repair.
• Eye patches were used to help pirates keep their eyes adjusted to both sunlight and darkness since they so often traveled above and below deck – not because they all lost one eye.
Now that we know a bit more about our criminally-inclined swashbuckling friends, here are two outfits to wear on Talk Like a Pirate Day:

For an attack on the high seas (that you started, obviously):


Pirate Attack


For when a pirate wants to make you his wench:


Pirate Wench