Fallen angels. Rogue hunters. Even the Wicked Witch of the West. The Brothers Winchester of CW’s Supernatural have had their hand full trying to set the world right. After nine seasons, one would think that the world had run out of ways to nearly destroy itself. That assumption would be so very wrong. Whether dealing with a “monster of the day” or the season’s “big baddie” John Winchester’s sons are never lacking for adversaries.

True to form, Season Nine finds them Winchester boys and their adorable pet angel Castiel trying to unspill the milk from the end of Season Eight, with help from the snarkiest of unlikely places. So you got all the angels tossed from heaven? Not a problem. You failed to seal hell and nearly kill yourself? No big deal. It’s all fun and games as you play the latest round of “Save the World” with Sam and Dean. What’s a battle for hell (and heaven) between brothers?


How many of us remember that Sam is Lucifer’s true vessel and Dean is the true vessel of the arcangel Michael? (It can’t just be me.) So the season finale threw me for the biggest of loops and has me waiting on the edge of my seat, or rather clicking through the fan forums for a Winchester fix. And with the season premiere a few weeks away, withdrawal is ever present—like Crowley craving a hit of human blood.

Kami Garcia/UnbreakableSo what is a Winchester fanboy (or girl) to do? It may not be much solace, and it definitely doesn’t have Jensen Ackles’ abs, but here are a few books that will divert your attention just long enough to regain some semblance of sanity.

Unbreakable by Kami Garcia

Hailed as a combination of Supernatural and The Da Vinci Code, everything we know and love about Supernatural is found within the pages of Kami Garcia’s Unbreakable with an awesome twist.  The main character is neither of the dashing twin demon-hunting brothers; it is a kickass female hunter, Kennedy Waters.  Once Kennedy discovers that her mother was killed trying to protect the world from a vengeful demon, she picks up where her mother left off.

lexicon2The Demon’s Lexicon by Sarah Rees Breenan

Perpetually on the run from magicians, brothers Nick and Alan Ryves have not had the easiest of lives. After Alan is marked with a demon symbol that means death, Nick and Alan find themselves in a race against time where Nick must finally face the magicians that he has been running from all his life. Abnormal coexists with normal as Nick unwittingly falls into trap which leads to startling revelations that change everything he ever believed.

9781444778519Angelfall by Susan Ee

If Supernatural has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is as black and white as our parents led us to be believe. Angelfall expands on that lesson with angels descending to earth to bring about the apocalypse to take revenge on humanity for the death of the archangel Gabriel. When 16-year-old Penryn is forced to ally herself with an angel to find her kidnapped wheelchair-bound sister, things get…biblical.