Labor Day has passed, which means summer is almost officially over and its time for kids (and adults) everywhere to head back to school. Want to be the best-dressed student walking the halls? From first grade to grad school, BookTrib has got you covered. Here are five back to school outfits inspired by iconic characters from classic literature:

Elementary School Style inspired by Ramona Quimby

Ramona Quimby


Everyone’s favorite 8-year-old is a bit of a tomboy, bright, and definitely rowdy. So her style needs to be fun and bold, with lots of colors and clashing patterns. Plus the candy-like necklace and polka dot backpack are perfect for an imaginative girl like Ramona.


Junior High Style inspired by Anne Shirley


Anne Shirley


When we first met Anne, she was a dreamy 11-year-old orphan with two braids and a straw hat. Anne’s style matured with her, but we know she would approve of this romantic lace dress paired with girly floral accessories.

High School Style inspired by Holden Caulfield

Holden Caulfield


As the quintessential literary teen, Holden Caulfield is full of angst, confusion, and general rebellion. His inspired look is men’s wear meets preppy, shown here in a plaid skirt and tailored blouse. And in lieu of Holden’s famous red hat, we’ve updated the outfit by adding bright Beats by Dre.


College Style inspired by Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew


Old school Nancy Drew was too busy solving mysteries to go to college (at least at first), but it doesn’t mean we can’t take some inspiration from her 1930’s look. Love this vintage-inspired tea dress paired with a bright lipstick. And no spy is complete without a magnifying glass necklace.


Grad School Style inspired by Jo March


Jo March


If any literary character was made for grad school, it’s Jo March from Little Women. Can’t you just picture her in an MFA writing workshop, discussing great novels and drinking black coffee? She’d definitely have a down-to-earth style, with classic pieces and clean lines. Plus a “to thine own self be true” necklace is pure Jo.

Whether you’ve got a kid headed to school or you’re a student yourself, great books can always provide a little style inspiration. Let us know your favorite look in the comments!