Fans of Jonesin’ know that we here at the BookTrib Nerd Squad love our TV shows and the books that inspire them. Like you, we often commiserate that our favorite shows and actors don’t get the credit they deserve. So for this edition of Jonesin’, we’re taking matters into our own hands and choosing the actor or TV show that we feel is most deserving of praise and the golden statue. You can find predictions elsewhere—here’s what we love.

Word Nerd says –

In some categories it’s just too hard to choose favorites. The Daily Show or The Colbert Report? I love them both and always hope for some impromptu misbehavior from them and their co-nominees during the Emmys. Or, take the category of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie, how could I possibly choose here? Martin Freeman up against Benedict Cumberbatch? Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mark Ruffalo and Idris Elba all strutting amazing acting chops with a side of handsome? Please. I can’t choose. The only one I’m not wild about is Billy Bob Thornton. Watch him get the Emmy. But if I have to choose just one actor to bring home the golden goddess, I have to go with Andre Braugher. His Captain Ray Holt in Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a revelation. A super serious, almost dour, character from whom Braugher mines unexpected comedy, true dignity and pathos even while putting up with Andy Samberg.  Envelope, please!


The Monkey chooses –

Orange is the New Black, which I totally agree with, since I am orange.  The Monkey is predicting that Outlander wins whatever category they are nominated for in 2015. Just sayin’.

and Tech Nerd Agrees — Orange is the New Black has really taken the Entertainment world by storm—people are binge watching seasons in one sitting because it’s so good they can’t bear to spread it out like a traditional TV program would. One of the reasons so many people, like myself, are drawn to this show is because of Kate Mulgrew, she plays Galina “Red” Reznikov in this hilariously heartfelt Netflix series. Now, I admit it that before I watched OITNB I hadn’t known who Kate Mulgrew was. But, man, did she get my attention. There’s this masterful wit about her and her portrayal of her character and I definitely think she deserves to bring home the gold! Not many people can transition from serious to hilarious with such ease. But this talented gem sure can, and more.



Tech Nerd chooses –

Lizzy Caplan sure has come a long way from her iconic (and hilarious) role as Janis Ian in the 2004 teen comedy Mean Girls. From gloom to glam, she has definitely won over audiences (as well as the Emmy voters) with her portrayal of Virginia Johnson, a pioneering sexologist in Showtime’s sultry series Masters of Sex. Every Sunday this nerd is glued to her TV watching this outstanding actress captivate millions… if she doesn’t win an Emmy—I might have to riot. Or sulk in a corner with some nerdy nummies. Either way is fine with me—just give Lizzy her Emmy!


Manyetha chooses –

Nathan Fillion (Castle) —the most underrated actor on the planet. The acting choices he makes are often unexpected and always perfect, and in a way so organic that it’s easy to forget he is acting. For my money, right now there is no one better. Plus, Firefly. He is never an Emmy finalist, and I don’t understand it.

Castle feature

The Bald Avenger says –

Without question, this will be the year that Breaking Bad wins its long-overdue first Emmy for Best Dramatic Series. After all, this was the season in which [spoiler] finally [spoiler], which of course leads to [spoiler]. And then there was the classic series finale in which [spoiler] takes his revenge by [spoiler] with the [spoiler] that he [spoiler]. Riveting television. I’m telling you, this series takes the Emmy, or my name isn’t [spoiler].


Bookish Diva says –

What is there left to say about Peter Dinklage’s portrayal of Tyrion Lannister? He gives me life every week. (The slap heard around the world… Whew… I’ve never been more pleased with such simple act.) But seriously, Game of Thrones Tyrion could have easily become a caricature not worthy of the ink in the tomes of A Song of Ice and Fire. However, Peter captures the spirit of Tyrion and make us all proud to root for the little guy….person… Forget it! Disadvantaged vertically challenged human! (Yeah, that works.)


What show or actor would you like to see win? Tell us below in the comments.