Outlander officially premieres on August 9 on Starz but if you’re anything like me you’ve already watched the first episode streaming on YouTube. And rewatched it. And, uh, rewatched it again. And, OK, maybe freeze-framed a few times on Jamie’s kilt face.

If it’s not blatantly obvious, I am a diehard Outlander fan. And while I watched the episode for the first time in total privacy (I did mention the kilt, right?), the TV-premiere deserves something a little more exciting. Which is why I’m throwing an Outlander party for all of my fellow fans, complete with fake accents, tartan tablecloths and retro hair.

Want to throw your own Outlander viewing party? Here are a few tips to get you started:

The Décor

The Outlander books are amazingly vivid but nothing could have prepared me for how awesome the Highlands would look on screen. This show is going to do for Scotland what Lord of the Rings did for New Zealand (basically make us all jealous that we don’t live there). A true Outlander party needs to capture that epic wilderness vibe, so I recommend a table setting that seems to have sprung up from the forest floor. This one is pretty and simple:


Also, we can’t forget we’re in Scotland (and anything that reminds us of Jamie is a must-have) so be sure to throw in some tartan bunting, too. Here’s a great tutorial.

The Outfits

One word: kilts. I have to admit – I was very, very nervous that the show would screw up Jamie. He’s the most important character as far as I’m concerned and while I could deal with an uneven Claire, Jamie needed to be perfect. Luckily, both Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan nail Claire and Jamie. Heughan in particular is just the right blend of humor, sensitivity and strength that encompasses our favorite Scotsman. And – bonus! – he looks damn good in a kilt:


As for the ladies, you’re welcome to try and capture the heavy gowns and corsets of the 1700s, but I prefer Claire’s 1940s look instead:

Outlander 2014

The Hair

If you want to come as Jamie, I recommend a red wig, not bathing for a while, and maybe rolling around in the mud:


But like the outfits, I’d rather try Claire’s 1940s look, with its soft waves and retro charm:

Claire Hair

Here are some tutorials to help you achieve that perfect 40’s hair.

The Dinner Conversation

This is the perfect time to try out your Scottish accent. Check out the Speak Outlander Lessons for more tips. Or just listen to Jamie say Sassenach over and over:


You can also stand around and recite some of your favorite lines from the premiere. Like Claire saying: “As much as my rational mind rebelled against the idea, I knew in my heart I was no longer in the 20th-century.” Or when Jamie goes: “Now if you won’t walk, I shall pick you up and throw you over my shoulder.”

Sorry, I’ll just be over in this corner swooning for a while.

The Party Favors

Pocket Jamie, obviously. What else could your guests possible want?


Diana Gabaldon with her Pocket Jamie

As for what food to serve, try “Dining with…Outlander” for tips. And don’t forget to watch Outlander this Saturday at 9 pm. Or maybe rewatch it for the hundredth time, Pocket Jamie sitting on the couch beside you. No judgment here.


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