Are you headed off to college in a few weeks—or know someone who is? It isn’t always easy to find the perfect décor for your dorm room, especially when you’re trying to fit beds, lofts, couches, mini-fridges, desks, and televisions in a space the size of a small closet. Plus, when you’re a book lover, it’s especially difficult. Where are you possibly going to fit the 20 boxes of novels you brought along as well? Don’t worry; here at BookTrib we’ve got you covered. We might not be able to give you a bigger space, but we can certainly help you make it pretty.

Here are ten unique book-themed ways to decorate your dorm room:

1. Hanging Book Shelf

Hanging Bookshelf

Need more room for all those books you couldn’t possibly leave at home? We hear ya! Try hanging them on the walls instead. A cool, stylish way to create more space.

2. Memo Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

This one’s for the budding writers out there. When you wake up in the middle of the night with an idea, you don’t have to scramble over your sleeping roommate in search of a pen and paper. Simply roll over, jot down your idea, then fall back to sleep. Good for those forgetful students who can’t remember which class they have first thing in the morning, too.

3. Swivel Chair


While your fellow dorm-mates are all lounging on beanbag chairs and secondhand couches, you can wow everyone with this chic book-themed chair. Plus, it’s covered in Latin phrases so you’ll look extra smart.

4. Room Divider

Room Divider

Is this your first time sharing a room? Make the transition a little easier with a cool, literary room divider. Even if your roommate is awesome, staring at books is always better than someone else’s dirty socks.

5. Book Lantern

Book Lantern

OK, you might have to harm a book to make this cool DIY, but it certainly beats those paper lanterns you can buy in bulk at Walmart.

6. Magnets


Instead of decorating your mini-fridge with lame bumper stickers and bands you won’t remember in five years, try these cool book magnets. We love the retro blue images from Nancy Drew.

7. Book Safe


Have a roommate you don’t trust? Hide stuff in this book safe. A perfect foil, especially since a crappy roommate probably doesn’t even read in the first place (the horror!).

8. Book Bag


Look chic on campus with these literary book totes. You can choose from a bunch of classic novels, and–bonus–if you get bored in class you can always start reading your bag.

9. Wall Decal

Wall Decal

If your room is made of concrete walls, try wall decals to give it some literary flare. Plus you’ll have the most stylish room around (we guarantee most of your friends will only have posters of Bob Marley held up with chewing gum).

10. Reading Light

Lili Lite

You don’t have to worry about keeping your roommate awake with this subtle reading light. And it doubles as a bookshelf!

Which literary dorm room must-have are you planning on bringing to college? Let us know in the comments.