Science fiction stories are often remembered for their high-tech gadgets, alien make up, and dystopian governments, but what about their fashion? From iconic bikinis to perfectly tailored suits – sci-fi has given us some of the most stylish characters in pop culture, and we think it’s about time to celebrate their cutting-edge looks. Here are the top 10 stylish sci-fi characters of all time:

1. Princess Leia – Star Wars

Image 1 - Princess Leia

Sure, it’s a cliché, but only because it’s true. No other character in sci-fi has had such a huge impact on fashion, on costuming, and on the way we picture futuristic space women. The metal bikini, the cinnamon bun hair – Princess Leia is the reigning queen of sci-fi style.

2. Marty McFly – Back to the Future

Image 2 - Marty McFly

The red puffy vest! The jeans jacket! The plaid shirt! This guy knows how to layer, making his look one of the most recognizable sci-fi styles ever.

3. Six – Battlestar Galactica 

Battlestar Galactica


Hard to believe this well-dressed blonde is actually a robot. But the rebooted Battlestar Galactica changed the robot-game, making them hotter – and more deadly! – than ever. Six, with her red dress and platinum hair, was the embodiment of a stylish fantasy come to life.

4. Neo – The Matrix

Image 4 - Neo

You’ve got to love Neo’s all-black caped look – somehow it’s both old-fashioned and modern, conservative and sexy, and obviously built for a wind-machine. Not an easy feat.

5. Ruby Rhod – The Fifth Element

Image 5 - Fifth Element

Sure, Milla Jovovich’s LeeLoo is more recognizable with her white-strapped leotard and bright orange hair, but come on – Chris Tucker clearly steals the show as Ruby Rhod. Who else could get away with an all leopard jumpsuit or a collar made of red roses? It’s not very subtle, but it’s definitely fashionable.

6. Inara Serra – Firefly

Image 6 - Firefly

Everyone looked good in Joss Whedon’s Western-set-in-space TV series, Firefly. But no one else had the grace and poise of Inara, who glided across the small screen in Grecian-inspired gowns, sari-prints, and lots of jewels.

7. Rachael – Blade Runner

Image 7 - Blade Runner

Rachael’s style is a perfect blend of ‘80’s does ‘40’s does sci-fi. It’s all sculpted shoulder pads, rolled bangs and fitted suits. If this is what the future looks like, sign me up.

8. The Tenth Doctor – Dr. Who

Image 8 - Doctor Who

Geeky and adorable, the Tenth Doctor looks exactly like that high school science teacher you had a secret crush on. He even has cute glasses! And tweed! One thing’s for certain: if my teachers were this fashionably cute I might have actually paid attention in physics.

9. Chiana – Farscape

Image 9 - Chiana

Not only did Chiana have awesome black-and-white contrast make-up, but the impulsively wild alien also got the best outfits – lots of fitted leather, fur collars, and hectic dark-colored prints.

10. Vincent Freeman – Gattaca

Image 10 -Gattaca

Is there anything sexier than a great-fitting suit? Not in Gattaca, where Ethan Hawk rocks this tailored look, making the future seem stylish and sleek.

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