Mad Men is in its seventh and final season, and while the show has given us plenty of memorable moments over the years (Betty shooting her neighbor’s pigeons, anyone?) I will always remember it for its fashions. The fitted dresses, the flared skirts, the adorable cigarette pants – Mad Men didn’t just change the way we watch television, it also ushered in a whole retro-chic trend. From 1960 to 1969, the show has brought us on a fashion journey, highlighting the way styles have changed with the times and how those changes have affected culture, advertising and the way we perceive the world around us. Now that Mad Men is close to the end (the second half of season seven will air in 2015), what better time to look back on how the styles – and characters – have evolved over the past seven years?

Season 1: 1960

The very first season was all about 1950’s silhouettes, like this amazing pink and black ball-gown worn by Betty.

Mad Men Women - Betty

But perhaps the season is best known for the sexy, form-fitting office wear that Joan rocked on a daily basis.

Image 2 - Joan

Season 1 introduced us to the ultra-feminine looks of the early 60s, whether they were the circle skirts and aprons worn by housewives or the bullet bras and wiggle dresses of the office girls. Either way, the iconic styles proved just how sexy 1960 could be.

Season 2: 1962

This is the season where Peggy starts to dress like she actually cares, and her office styles are cuter and more fitting for a woman rising in the corporate world. Love this sophisticated dress.

Image 3 - Peggy

And Joan still looks awesome, obviously.

Image 4 - Joan

Season 3: 1963

The times are starting to change and so are the styles – Betty, usually so sweet in her flared skirts and patterned dresses, takes on a Mod look with this black dress and beehive.

Image 5 - Betty

While even Joan adds a little more spice to her usual wiggle dresses.

Image 6 - Joan

Season 4: 1964-1965

Counterculture is upon us! Peggy flirts with becoming a beatnik.

Peggy Olson

Though Betty, the ultimate 60s housewife, clings to the cigarette pants and cat-eye glasses of the 50’s.

Image 8 - Betty

Season 5: 1966-1967

The mid-60s are all about Mod patterns, like this hot pink, beaded dress on Joan.

Image 9 - Joan

Or this peach, zigzag number on Megan.

Image 10 - Megan

Season 6: 1967-1968

It’s the beginning of the late 60s and the hippy movement is just getting started. Instead of fitted dresses and skirts, shift dresses in groovy patterns are all the rage.

Mad Men Women - Megan

Even Betty is chasing newer trends in her more modern floral button-up.


Season 7: 1969

The year is 1969 and everything has changed. Vietnam, counterculture, Woodstock – the staid, masculine world of advertising in 1960 is no more. The shift is reflected in the styles, like Peggy’s nod to flower power.

Image 13 - Peggy

Or in Megan’s Hollywood-style mini dress.

Image 14 - Megan

What will the rest of season 7 bring in terms of style? We’ll just have to wait and see. Oh, and wondering how the men’s fashion evolved?

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