Book One in the Fifth Avenue Trilogy

Austin Treffen was too intoxicated by all the power to care. To truly hear Sarah and the weight behind her words. He was blind to her extreme stress and sadness that resulted from working for his father’s demanding law firm. No, he was too focused on himself. And why not? Life had always been there to serve him. He had it all, he had it easy. His family name was everything and he traded on it. Like father like son and all. Then Sarah had thrown herself off a building. Rumors begin to swirl that Austin’s father Jason Treffen might not be the saint that others imagined him to be. Instead, he was one of those men who assumed he could take whatever he wanted from women because he held power over them.   [giveaway giveaway_id=1538 side=”right”]

In Avenge Me (Harlequin Presents, $9.99) the first book in the Fifth Avenue Trilogy, Austin has the master plan for revenge. Born into a world of privilege, he has the world at his fingertips, but behind its gilded doors lies a corruption so sordid New York’s elite would never believe it—especially with his infamous philanthropic father at its core. With everything he believed in ripped to pieces, how can Austin take down his father—risking his family name and those he loves—without any proof?

It’s not until one earth-shattering night with Katy Michaels when everything changes and unlocks not only their deepest, most passionate desires but also the key to bringing Jason Treffen’s reign to an end. With an intense sexual attraction that combines a heady mix of exquisite pleasure and sublime pain, will they satiate their thirst for revenge and each other…or lose themselves forever in the darkness?


“Yates’ visually powerful narrative tells a timely, heartbreaking story starring an unforgettable couple.”

RT Book Reviews on The Couple Who Fooled the World

“This enticing storyline keeps pages turning, and her words flow; Yates’ hero and heroine entertain with their sarcasm, endear when masks come off and sear with their lovemaking.”

RT Book Reviews on His Ring is Not Enough

“Yates skillfully creates an improbable duo whose cultural and professional differences are no match for love in a story that is  compassionate, heartbreaking and hot.”

RT Book Reviews on Heir to a Dark Legacy

Maisey Yates found her very first Harlequin Presents book in a local thrift store. By the time she’d reached the happily ever after, she had fallen in love. She devoured as many as she could get her hands on after that, and she knew that these were the books she wanted to write! At age twenty-three, she sold her first manuscript to the Harlequin Presents line. Maisey lives in Southern Oregon with her husband and three children.