Full-frontal nudity, jokes about rehab, role-playing gone horribly wrong – OK, OK, we admit it: we’re already missing HBO’s GIRLS. Season three ended in March, but it seems like only yesterday we were watching Hannah prance around in her tattoos (and not much else), or cringing at Marnie’s cheesy music video to “What I Am.” Now we have to wait almost a year until season four airs. Not to get all Hannah-dramatic, but why God, why?

When we last left our favorite 20-something foursome, Hannah was clutching an acceptance letter from the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, Jessa was flirting with sobriety, Shoshanna had spun into a Ray-filled rage, and Marnie was still lost in love. Will Hannah end up in a cornfield next season? Is her relationship with Adam over for good? Right now we can only speculate (though knowing GIRLS, the storylines will be as dysfunctional as ever). But to tide you over, here are three books that remind us of GIRLS – and will hopefully satisfy your craving until next season.

I Was Told There'd be cake

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I Was Told There’d Be Cake by Sloane Crosley (Riverhead Trade)
Sloane Crosley’s collection of essays about the struggles of modern urban life was an instant, hilarious bestseller. Her stories all remind us of GIRLS – problems with neighbors, awkward moments in public, struggles with dating in New York City. If you miss watching Hannah and Marnie fumble through life, this is the perfect book for you.


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Forever by Judy Blume (Simon & Schuster)
The ladies in GIRLS could use some schooling from Judy Blume and – honestly – maybe we all could. Blume explores the relationship between Katherine and Michael, two seniors in high school who can’t get enough of each other. When senior year comes to an end, Katherine and Michael have to decide whether this is true love or the beginning of a lifetime apart. Pick this book up when you need a fix of young love that’s just as realistic as Hannah and Adam’s relationship (though maybe a little more evolved).


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Crazy Salad: Some Things About Women by Nora Ephron (Vintage)
Ephron’s classic collection of humor writing was first published in 1975, but her thoughts on media, politics, beauty, and image more than hold true for today. This is the book Hannah SHOULD be reading – a bold, smart take on what it means to be a woman in the modern world. Read this book after you’ve binged on season three of GIRLS (uh, again) and you just want to shake some sense into Hannah and her friends. But who are we kidding? As frustrating as the girls can be, we know we’re all coming back for more.