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by Kelly Parsons

“A twist worthy of a surgical knot. Flawed characters standing on moral pedestals. Insight into the world of medicine and the ambitious geniuses who make life and death decisions.  Doing Harm is more faction than fiction, presenting a world so close to our own that you find yourself second guessing the characters as if they’re sitting next to you. Repeatedly, I found myself breathless and troubled yet compelled to keep reading. Brilliant.” —Ridley Pearson, author of Choke Point

“A classic cat-and-mouse game with a refreshing, unexpected twist.  It opens with some remarkable bait—dangling a hook that the reader will definitely want to bite.  Top notch storytelling.” —Steve Berry,  New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling author of The Lincoln Myth


[giveaway giveaway_id=1499 side=”left”]There are many ways to die in a hospital…being sick is only one of them.

Chief resident Steve Mitchell is the quintessential surgeon: ambitious, intelligent, confident.  Charged with molding a group of medical trainees into doctors, and in line for a coveted job, Steve’s future is bright. But then a patient mysteriously dies, and it quickly becomes clear that a killer is on the loose in his hospital. A killer set on playing a deadly game with Steve. A killer holding information that could ruin his career and marriage. Now, alone and under a cloud of suspicion, Steve must discover a way to outsmart his opponent and save the killer’s next victim before the cycle repeats itself again and again…

A chilling and compelling thriller that also takes you into the hospital and details the politics and hierarchy among doctors, as well as the life and death decisions that are made by flawed human beings, Kelly Parsons’ Doing Harm marks the gripping debut of a major fiction career.


Kelly Parsons

Author and surgeon Kelly Parsons grew up in La Jolla and graduated from The Bishop’s School. He obtained his BA in History from Stanford and MD from the University of Pennsylvania. After completing his medical training at Johns Hopkins, he joined the faculty at UCSD Medical School and The Moores UCSD Comprehensive Cancer Center, where he is currently an Associate Professor of Surgery. He lives in La Jolla with his wife Genevieve, daughter Leah, and son Nathaniel. DOING HARM, his first novel, was released on February 4, 2014 by St Martin’s Press.




by Lori Rader-Day

“A terrific whydunnit! This dark page-turner of a puzzle—well-written, with bite and style and edge and simmering conflict—will keep you riveted from page one.”

Hank Phillippi Ryan, Agatha, Anthony, Macavity, and Mary Higgins Clark Award–winning author


“You know how wonderful it is to find a novel that you hate to put down? Lori Rader-Day’s debut The Black Hour was just such a book for me. From its breathtakingly beautiful prose to its artful, escalating suspense, The Black Hour kept pulling me back for just one more page, one more chapter. If The Black Hour is any indication of what’s to come from this fresh new voice in fiction, then Rader-Day clearly has a fabulous career ahead of her.”

Julie Hyzy, New York Times–bestselling author


For Chicago sociology professor Amelia Emmet, violence was a research topic—until a student she’d never met shot her.

[giveaway giveaway_id=1502 side=”right”]He also shot himself. Now he’s dead and she’s back on campus, trying to keep up with her class schedule, a growing problem with painkillers, and a question she can’t let go: Why?

All she wants is for life to get back to normal, but normal is looking hard to come by. She’s thirty-eight and hobbles with a cane. Her first student interaction ends in tears (hers). Her fellow faculty members seem uncomfortable with her, and her ex—whom she may or may not still love—has moved on.

Enter Nathaniel Barber, a graduate student obsessed with Chicago’s violent history. Nath is a serious scholar, but also a serious mess about his first heartbreak, his mother’s death, and his father’s disapproval. Assigned as Amelia’s teaching assistant, Nath also takes on the investigative legwork that Amelia can’t do. And meanwhile, he’s hoping she’ll approve his dissertation topic, the reason he came to grad school in the first place: the student attack on Amelia Emmet.

HEADSHOT - Rader-Day175

Lori Rader-Day

Together and at cross-purposes, Amelia and Nathaniel stumble toward a truth that will explain the attack and take them both through the darkest hours of their lives.

Lori Rader-Day is the author of the mystery The Black Hour (Seventh Street Books, 2014). Born and raised in central Indiana, she now lives with her husband and dog in Chicago. Her fiction has appeared in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Time Out Chicago, The Madison Review, and others. Best-selling author Jodi Picoult chose one of Lori’s short stories for the grand prize in Good Housekeeping’s first fiction contest. Lori is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and International Thriller Writers. Visit her at LoriRaderDay.com or on Twitter at @LoriRaderDay.




by Wendy Tyson

“Wit, charm, and deliciously clever plot twists abound in Wendy Tyson’s Killer Image, first in her new series of mysteries featuring intrepid image consultant Allison Campbell. The author has a knack for creating characters with heart, while keeping us guessing as to their secrets until the end. Readers will eagerly await her next book in the series.” – Mary Hart Perry, Author of Seducing the Princess

“An intriguing psychological thriller. The book reminded me of Jonathan Kellerman’s Alex Delaware series…I loved the book, it’s dark and hopeful at the same time. Five stars out of five.” Lynn Farris, Mystery Books Examiner for Examiner.com


[giveaway giveaway_id=1501 side=”left”]As Philadelphia’s premier image consultant, Allison Campbell helps others reinvent themselves, but her most successful transformation was her own after a scandal nearly ruined her. Now she moves in a world of powerful executives, wealthy, eccentric ex-wives and twisted ethics.

When Allison’s latest Main Line client, the fifteen-year-old Goth daughter of a White House hopeful, is accused of the ritualistic murder of a local divorce attorney, Allison fights to prove her client’s innocence when no one else will. But unraveling the truth brings specters from her own past. And in a place where image is everything, the ability to distinguish what’s real from the facade may be the only thing that keeps Allison alive.

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Wendy Tyson

Wendy Tyson’s background in law and psychology has provided inspiration for her mysteries and thrillers.  Originally from the Philadelphia area, Wendy has returned to her roots and lives there again with her husband, three kids and two muses, dogs Molly and Driggs.  Wendy’s short fiction has appeared in literary journals, including KARAMU, Eclipse, A Literary Journal and Concho River Review.  Wendy is the author of Killer Image, the first Allison Campbell mystery (Henery Press), and The Seduction of Miriam Cross (E-Lit Books–under the pen name W. A. Tyson).  Deadly Assets, the second novel in the Campbell series, will be released July 22, 2014.  Find Wendy on Facebook or Twitter, or visit her at www.WATyson.com.



by S.L. Menear


“S.L. Menear’s debut novel, “Deadstick Dawn,” is a pulse-pounding, adrenaline-charged, cat-and-mouse game of the highest order, and will ultimately have the readers screaming for more!”

—DJ Weaver, co-author of “Collecting Innocents”



“…a fast-paced thriller that takes place in the Scottish Highlands. Its main character is Samantha Starr, an airline pilot from America who becomes involved in a murder plot of international significance. The story will keep you engrossed right up to the surprising end.”

—Joseph F. Alcock, author of “Tomorrow Has Wings: The Story of Captain Jack Alcock, First to Fly the Atlantic in 1919.”

[giveaway giveaway_id=1504 side=”right”]The Belfast Agreement is about to be shattered by Operation Blue Blood. One young American stands in the way, airline pilot Samantha Starr. She is catapulted into a deadly chess match with police, assassins, and British Special Forces, all who want her dead. The fate of nine noble bloodlines depends on Samantha and a boy whose hero is a wizard. Stranded in Scotland where she is accused of kidnapping and murder, where can she run? When a US Navy fighter pilot and a SEAL join the hunt and every choice can get her killed and start a bloody war in Northern Ireland, on whom should she rely? The line between trust and betrayal is razor sharp, and it is cut at Deadstick Dawn.

HEADSHOT - Menear175

Sharon L. Menear

Sharon L. Menear worked as a water-sports model before traveling the world as a flight attendant with Pan American World Airways. After earning her commercial pilot license, she left Pan Am and worked as a flight instructor, charter pilot, and commuter airline pilot until she acquired the qualifications for employment with a major airline. She was hired by US Airways in 1980 as the first woman pilot, bypassing the flight engineer position. She flew Boeing 727s and 737s, DC-9s, and BAC 1-11 jet airliners. She was promoted to captain after seven years as a copilot. Sharon also enjoyed flying antique airplanes, experimental aircraft, and third-world fighter airplanes. Throughout her career, she enjoyed scuba diving, powered paragliding, snow skiing, surfing, horseback riding, aerobatic flying, sailing, and riding motorcycles. Her new passion is writing aviation thrillers. The first novel in the Samantha Starr Series, “Deadstick Dawn,” won the 2011 Royal Palm Literary Award for Best Unpublished Thriller.