Enchanted Sexism. Enough with only women as villains.

Remember the Bechdel Test. Forget about making happiness about getting a man. After a three-season redemption arc, why not have Regina finally realize that she has what she really wants—family, community and love. She doesn’t need a man!

Once-Upon-a-Time-S3E11-Regina-Casts-SpellSwitch it up. Instead of having Regina attack the Charming family again (yawn!) have her withdraw because she’s depressed and take her magic with her. You could have the town grow colder and colder—a good reason for Elsa to show up. Who else shares her magic?

Two words: Storybrooke High. Before you laugh, consider this: living in Storybrooke are Henry; Grace, the Mad Hatter’s daughter; Pinocchio aka Augus;t and who knows how many other “enchanted” offspring? The good witches of Oz are out of work and might be looking for the fourth witch  to represent innocence. There’s plenty of cameo potential and—did we mention a spin-off? You saw it here first, folks!

Bring back Blackbeard. A strong, robust foe who could match verbal parries with Regina and give Hook a hard time could be quite delightful. It might also spawn a new storyline with Ariel.

wolf OUATWhere art thou, wolf? Early on there were hints that there were TWO wolves and that Red might not have eaten Peter. Let’s explore this.

What’s with all the white people? Diversity, diversity, diversity.  It’s a FAIRY TALE. Who cares if the Brothers Grimm wrote about white people? There are talking insects! In a magical land why can’t we have all sorts of people?

Stop wasting payoffs. Instead of building up a character and their strong morals just to turn around throw away all that progress, how about establishing some overall arcs and letting things happen naturally instead of abruptly?

Crossovers! Bring on some characters from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Just because that show flopped doesn’t mean its characters did. Think of watching The Knave of Hearts and Hook go toe to toe. Or better yet, let lonely Regina  befriend The Red Queen. The two have more in common than they know—mothers who wanted too much from them then drove them to a life of power and uneventful therapy sessions.

Once-Upon-a-Time-season-3-episode-13-henryWaiting in the wings. Let’s actually use Henry. The kid has potential, the grandson of the Dark One, the son of the product of True Love… Where are his powers? Where is the general teen representation on this show? (See no. 4—Storybrooke High)

Two moms are better than one. Why not show Emma and Regina’s struggles and triumphs as two women trying to raise a child together? Both very different people, with different ideas of how their son should turn out. It would be interested to see them co-parent, especially if we bring magic into play, and the ultimate road he takes when he goes off on his own. Will he want to save the world from the next big bad–or cause it?

Bring back Mulan. Even though the actress is off doing some other show, it would be nice to continue that storyline. It was a huge cop-out for the writers to abandon the her story in an attempt to silence the fans. This was a truly minuscule representation of LGBT characters. (This ties into diversity, of course.)

Cinderella-once-upon-a-time-27171788-1125-1694Bring back Cinderella. She’s the mother of a toddler. I smell royal playgroup!

Whatever happened to…? The Seven Dwarfs is more like the One Dwarf—is all we ever see is Grumpy. Let’s utilize the other six and give them an actual storyline. Their cartoon counterparts actually had purpose and some of that should be translated into this world. Also, they weren’t actually functioning men in the Enchanted Kingdom; they are in Storybrooke. This should be explored.

Communicate! Nothing’s more annoying (and disappointing) then a show where the writers don’t seem to talk to one another. Currently, each episode seems compartmentalized and doesn’t flow from one to another. Continuity is key, people. How about discussing ideas over a cup of FroYo, and play off of each other’s ideas? What a concept!

What would you do? Leave us your ideas in the comments. 

Need need a little “something-something” to curb that magical appetite while you wait for next season? 
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