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SUMMER READS 2014: Revealing biographies of Hillary Clinton, Robert E. Lee and Mariano Rivera

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Love revealing memoirs and biographies? We’ve got you covered. Our picks include Hillary Clinton talking about Benghazi, baseball’s greatest relief pitcher opening up about his rise to greatness, and the surprisingly progressive views of General Robert E. Lee. What better summer diversion is there than being invited inside the lives of people who intrigue us?

1397823133000-HARD-CHOICESHard Choices by Hillary Rodham Clinton (Simon and Schuster, June 10)

Following her run for the presidency in 2008, Hillary Rodham Clinton expected to return to the Senate and serve the state of New York. Instead, to her surprise, newly elected President Barack Obama asked her to serve his administration as America’s 67th Secretary of State. In this eagerly awaited book, the former First Lady details the historic events of her four years in that office, the hard choices she made as the head of the State Department, and how those choices shape her decisions for the future (as for exactly what some of those big decisions might be—well, maybe she’s saving that for the next book!).  From the rising competition with China to growing threats from Iran and North Korea to the hunt for Osama bin Laden, Hard Choices is the story of how one woman and the country she serves address the most crucial foreign issues of the day. This is sure to be one of the most newsworthy and talked-about books of the summer.


clouds-of-glory-228x342Clouds of Glory by Michael Korda (Harper, May 13)

From Michael Korda, the best-selling biographer of Dwight Eisenhower, Ulysses S. Grant, and T.E. Lawrence, comes the first major biography of Robert E. Lee in decades. Korda paints a fascinating portrait of Lee, a brilliant military leader who hated slavery and opposed secession, but turned down the command of the Union army because he couldn’t bring himself to “draw his sword” against his own children, his neighbors, and the Commonwealth of Virginia. One of the great military figures in American history, Grant was a man of tremendous depth, dignity, and presence, in victory and defeat. A gifted leader and a devoted family man, Lee is a towering figure in American history, brought to life here in groundbreaking detail by one of our leading biographers

The CloserThe Closer by Mariano Rivera and Wayne Coffey (Little Brown and Co., May 6)

A perfect read during the season of our national pastime, The Closer is more than just the story of the greatest relief pitcher in the history of major league baseball. This memoir tells the tale of a young man from a poor fishing village in Panama whose original aspirations were to become a good mechanic. Instead, he would go on to capture immortality on the pitching mound in Yankee Stadium. Relying on the love of his family, his girlfriend, and his deep commitment to his faith, Rivera came to the United States without even a baseball glove to call his own, and rose to dominate his profession in a way no one had ever seen before. Co-authored with acclaimed sports author Wayne Coffey, The Closer is the inspiring saga of a modern legend that will thrill fans and non-fans alike.

Michael Ruscoe is a writer, teacher, and musician living in Southern Connecticut. He is the author of the novel, "From the Stray Cat Files: You’ll Do Anything," the anthology, "Baseball: A Treasury of Art and Literature," and numerous educational texts. An instructor at Southern Connecticut State University, Ruscoe is also lead singer and songwriter for the indie band Save the Androids! In his spare time he earns karma for his next life by ardently following the New York Mets. The proud father of two children, Ruscoe also cares for and supports a pair of goldfish, who, in all honesty, are not very good conversationalists.

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