Hail Hydra! No, just kidding. We’re on the SHIELD team all the way, although to be technical right now it’s more like Agents of NOTHING. When we last left our heroes at the season finale of Marvel Agents of SHIELD, Phil Coulson—agent extraordinaire and their fearless leader—had gone all Sheldon Cooper and was writing on the walls. We’d like to tell you it was a scientific formula except we have no idea. We also have no idea just what alien secrets lurk in agents Coulson and Skye, whether sudden mega-human John Garrett will stay dead, if engineer Leo Fitz will ever be himself again and if Melinda “the Cavalry” May will ever admit her affection for Coulson. And what about the budding romance between special operative Antoine Triplett and biophysicist Jemma Simmons? We’re not going to ask about the slightly sociopathic Grant Ward—we’re still pulling that knife out from our backs.

Here at BookTrib HQ we are on the edge of our chairs waiting for the new season when we return to Agent Billy Koenig’s top-secret base to see what’s going on with our heroes. Until then, we have some great reads to keep you company while you go deep undercover. Given all the powerhouse women in the show, we’re offering some female characters that really kick ass.

Modesty Blaise

misc_1091Long before Melinda May and Natasha Romanoff delivered a flying roundhouse-kick to men’s assumptions about women there was Modesty Blaise. Even though she hails from the same groovy era that created James Bond, Man from UNCLE and Austin Powers, don’t call her “Grandma.” (She’s a master of martial arts and exotic weapons. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.) In her novels and comic strips Modesty was forever in her late 20s. Her brilliance led her from nameless orphan of indeterminate ethnicity in a Greek displaced persons camp to leader of an international crime network. Retiring young with a small fortune, she and her platonic best friend Willie Garvin did their bit for Queen and Country through countless comic strips, graphic novels and 13 books by her creator, Peter O’Donnell. Start with Modesty Blaise. You can thank us later. Only Melinda May is this cool.
Veronica Marsvmcomic

Staying true to the theme of ladies who kick ass, we offer up Veronica Mars: An Original Mystery by Rob Thomas: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line. Now this little lady may not be able to take down her opponent with stealthy force like Melinda May, but she can outsmart a bad guy and uncover any mystery in record time. And for all the Marshmallows out there (what up, Veronica Mars fans) this book is a nice continuation of the series and recent movie. But have no fear newcomers! This book is easily accessible to anyone looking for a well-written mystery.

Lisbeth Salander

dragtattmainHang tight to your keyboard Skye, Lisbeth Salander just might have you beat in the competitive computer hacking game. (Just kidding. We love you!)  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson takes you on a roller coaster ride filled with mystery, excitement and dismay. Those who don’t appreciate a well-crafted but sometimes violent novel need not apply. That aside, at its core, this novel is a truly fascinating character study of a young woman who masters computer code with ease but for whom human interaction does not come easily or naturally.

So grab a book and join us. Lanyards will be given out on a case-by-case basis to those deemed worthy.

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