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Refeather Cover 175You swore after nearly 20 years of soccer and marching band practices, last-minute school projects (remembering trying to create the solar system at midnight?), and mountains of laundry you’d celebrate when the kids left the nest. So why do you feel so blue now that your youngest is preparing for high school graduation? Licensed psychotherapist Wendy Aronsson says it’s because you’re going through “The Shift” – a sea change from full-time responsibility to adviser to independent offspring. In her new book, Refeathering the Empty Nest: Life After the Children Leave, Aronsson provides practical advice on how parents can embrace this new chapter of their lives while building stronger relationships with their young adults.

To celebrate your independence—or to help someone else celebrate theirs—we’re offering this exquisite floral design created by Surroundings Flowers of Manhattan to be delivered to the winner of our giveaway. To enter, just leave a comment below and tell us what you’ll miss most when your child leaves  the nest. It doesn’t matter if your kid is 12 or 20—we’ve thought about it and we know you have, too. One winner will be chosen at random from the entries.

So share what’s in your heart. And it’s OK if you want to celebrate less laundry and no more late-night runs to the craft store.

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To enter to win: Post your answer below What will you miss most when your child leaves the nest?

This giveaway has ended but we’d still like to hear what you will miss most.

For an additional entry hit the click-to-win button. For another additional entry — Share it!  Eligible entries must include a posted answer to the question.  Giveaway ends Thursday morning, May 8,  8 am ET.

The winner is BookTrib member: ronnie

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  1. they have – the oldest moved out and out of state 1 year ago this month and the 2nd moved out last June -I’ve adjusted really well, I miss their help around the house and the security of knowing if I needed help it was here.

  2. Hah, assuming they leave? I will miss my son’s incredible sense of humor and my daughter’s unpredictability…..and the dirty dishes (not so much!).

  3. I’ll miss sitting on the porch on rainy days, waiting for the worms to crawl out so we can race them on the sidewalk afterwards.
    I just can’t imagine what it’ll be like to order anything less than 1 extra large pizza, 1/2 banana peppers and 1/2 pepperoni, on Thursday night.

  4. I will miss our Saturday “dates” to watch movies and then stop for buffalo wings and playing trivia before heading home.

  5. I will miss them. Even now I think it’s silly of me to complain about their messes and stuff since I know I’ll be missing all that when they grow up and leave home. But then there will be grandchildren too.

  6. I miss them anytime they walk out the door. Love the smiles, love the laughter. I’ll miss all that.

  7. It seems funny to say, but I think I’ll most likely miss the noise of the children. My son is 9 and my daughter is 4—and there are times I just wish for some quiet. But, I think after they’re gone, I’ll dread not having them run around the house playing and making noise!

  8. I miss sitting around watching old movies (Gilda is her favorite), eating popcorn and acting like a bunch of silly girls. My daughter was my movie buddy.

  9. I miss having them run to me, to tell me what they did at school, and to ask for a snack! And cuddling on Sunday mornings, when we didn’t have to get up.

  10. I already have mine away in college. With cell phones and email easy to stay in contact with them

  11. I will miss the noise, the late nights watching never ending horror movies..The dishes piled in the sink come morning..and the never ending laundry. Truly I will miss it all. It will be too darn silent around the house!!

  12. My children have left the nest. I miss the fun we had with them and their friends. The girls slumber parties and the boys card parties!!

  13. Mine have both left, but come back to visit, the youngest with her laundry! I’ll gladly take them, anyway I can!!

  14. I still have one at home some of the time. I miss the excited chatter of three girls talking at once! Nail painting parties, teas, sharing the bathroom in the morning. Peace & quiet really isn’t all that great.

  15. My only son has been gone from home since 2000 and I truly miss him every day. I miss his energy, our laughter together and his hugs and back rubs. No matter how old your children are or how long they have been away from home, you always miss them daily.

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