Video: Missed It? Interview with John Wareham, Author of HOW TO SURVIVE A BULLET TO THE HEART

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An Amazing New Life Changer: With breathtaking honesty, long-term prison inmates share their emotional voyages from violent crime to incarceration, despair to hope, vice to virtue and lawlessness to love. Their exhilarating transformations are reported in powerful prose and rhyme poems, and happen in a 13-week class led by top corporate coach John Wareham, who brings the reader right into the classroom, and offers profound insights into each aspect of the astonishing journey.

JOHN WAREHAM created the Eagles Foundation in 1996. An unpaid volunteer, Wareham regularly presents the Taking Wings program in New York prisons. Students’ low recidivism rate is unrivaled. John’s pro bono work is funded by his human resource practice which selects and develops corporate leaders. Ranked by the Financial Times as “the hands down winner” among business communicators, Wareham is the author of Secretsof a Corporate Headhunter, The Anatomy of a Great Executive, and the crossover life-changer, How to Break Out of Prison. A member of writers group PEN, his fiction includes the critically acclaimed Chauncey on Top, and the national bestseller The President’s Therapist and Sonnets for Sinners. Profiled in Leaders magazine, Wareham has appeared as a guest on the BBC, CNN, Fox News, Live at Five, and Court TV.

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