When you’ve got curves, it’s not always easy to know how something will fit you—especially when most fashion images we see are of rail-thin models. Sometimes getting dressed feels like a minefield. Because let’s face it, styles that look amazing on a size 2 will never look quite the same on a size 12. And then there are the dreaded “rules” that we’re supposed to live by—no horizontal stripes, no strapless dresses, always wear black because it’s slimming…

Thank god for body-positive blogs, where plus-size women are shattering those archaic “rules” and rocking awesome styles that look great on all body shapes. These blogs have become my daily reading, my inspiration, and a little problematic as they are direct contributors to my shopping addiction.

Here’s who I follow, and why you should ,too:

Frocks and Frou Frou

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Lilli’s blog has been around for years, and it was a pleasure to watch her style evolve into a fashionable mix of vintage silhouettes, quirky accessories and ultra-feminine details (rarely will you see this woman in pants). She’s not afraid to expose large parts of her life on her blog, and her warm, inviting style leaves you with the impression that you’re hanging out with an old friend.

A Curious Fancy

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Disarmingly honest, Ragini’s blog is about more than just her whimsical fashion sense. She also writes about her struggles with depression, weight loss, and what it means to be a plus-size girl in different parts of the globe (she recently moved from England to India). Her photos are always dreamy, and her style is romantic while still being hip—not an easy feat, but Ragini pulls it off flawlessly.

From the Corners of the Curve 

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Callie originally started her blog to chronicle her weight-loss journey, but then was quickly embraced by the plus-size blogging community. Now she’s one of the biggest proponents of body-positivity, and her blog is honest, fun, and downright likeable. Her look is very London street style, with lots of harem pants, bold accessories, chunky heels, crop tops and oversized sweaters. She breaks all the plus size “rules,” and looks absolutely fabulous while doing so.

Gabi Fresh

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Probably one of the most well-known plus-size fashion bloggers, Gabi’s style is hipster cool meets retro chic. She isn’t afraid of taking risks, but still always manages to look perfectly polished and put-together. She’s also one of the biggest champions of the “fatkini”—or the right for all curvy girls to wear two-piece bathing suits with pride.

Girl With Curves

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Is there anyone classier than Tanesha? The answer is obviously no. Her style is sleek and polished; even when pregnant she managed to look effortlessly chic. She’s a woman of few words (her blog relies more on her perfect outfit photos) but when you look this good, there’s not much need for talking.


What great body-positive blogs are you following? Let us know in the comments!