I love books more than I love most people, and awesome book-related products are my kryptonite. If you’re like me then you’re always on the lookout for a new bookmark or a reading lamp that will make all other bibliophiles jealous. Luckily for you, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites.

Here are 10 book accessories you never knew you needed:

1. Tentacle Monster Bookends

There are no words to describe how amazing these bookends are. Seriously, if someone doesn’t buy me these for my birthday I’m going to throw a massive fit. Make sure to browse the Etsy shop for even more unique steel bookends.


2. Library Card Notebook

This vintage library card makes a perfect notebook cover—plus you can daydream about who Sid Rothrock is as you jot down notes.

3. Floating Bookshelves 

Books suspended on my wall as if by magic? Yes, please.

4. Lolita Necklace

This book necklace is so simple and classy, I want 100 of them. Luckily the Etsy artist makes it in other classic novels, and you can also request any book cover you want.

5. Photobomb Bookmark

There are few things I love more than Benedict Cumberbatch, so having him photobomb my books sounds like a dream come true. This bookmark is a DIY, so just imagine all the different celebrities you could have gracing your pages.

6. Flower Pens

A pretty and elegant pen will definitely make paying bills more fun (or at least slightly more tolerable).

7. Divergent Book Print

What a classy way to showcase your favorite novel, and this one is especially fitting as the bird silhouettes mean so much to Tris in Divergent. Book art is my favorite art.

8. Bear Reading Lamp

How adorable would it be to read in bed with a bright cartoon bear watching over you? Bonus—it doubles as a nightlight!

9. Book Cover for Your iPad

I’m no book snob—I love my e-reader just as much as my actual books. But how cool are these vintage-looking book covers for your iPad? When you rock one of these no one will judge you for busting out your e-book in Starbucks.

10. Classic Novel Clutch

It’s a handbag made from Anna Karenina. I take it back—Iif someone doesn’t buy me THIS for my birthday I’m going to throw a massive fit.


Any must-have book accessories that are missing from this list? Let us know what you think in the comments!