We’ve all seen 500 Days of Summer, that 2009 hipster-love anthem where Joseph Gordon-Levitt is whiny and romantic, and Zooey Deschanel is the manic pixie dream girl who gets away. It’s a solid story, sure, but what I remember most about the film isn’t the lovesick moping or The Smiths-heavy soundtrack—it’s the fashion.

Watching this movie was the moment where I sat up and said, “Who is that girl and where can I get all of her clothes?”

Because it wasn’t just the character of Summer who dressed well. In everyday life, Zooey seemed to be cultivating this unique blend of twee, vintage, and overt girliness. 

Then came Jess on Fox’s “New Girl,” and the look was solidified.

I desperately wanted to look that effortlessly cute and retro, and so I started scouring the Internet for inspiration and cheap knock-offs. I think I’ve succeeded—just yesterday someone told me my dress was “so Deschanel.”

Here are five simple ways YOU can start dressing like Zooey:

1. Do Your Homework

Dressing like Zooey means virtually stalking her. Luckily, other people are already doing it for you! What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear? is a blog devoted to tracking down her outfits and providing helpful links.

You also might want to check out Hello Margaret’s post on “How to be Twee: A Style Guide.” It’s half lifestyle and half fashion-inspired, but full of helpful advice on dressing and living the part.

2. Patterns, Patterns, Patterns 

This girl has never met a polka dot she didn’t like.

But patterns in general are key to capturing that Deschanel look. Bold, bright, floral—whatever! Just make sure you shy away from plain colors.

3. Discover Vintage

Zooey is all about vintage pieces, like flared fifties skirts, cardigans, and Peter Pan collars. Wearing actual vintage is a great way to dress the part, but visit stores like Modcloth or Eshakti for fun, retro-inspired silhouettes.

When it comes to hair, makeup, and other vintage tips, Style Me Vintage: The Complete Guide to Creating a Retro Look, is a great place to start.

This guide will help you experiment with vintage fashions, learn new hairstyles, and perfect that all-important cat-eye liquid-liner swoop.

4. Pants Are For Suckers

You’re only allowed to wear pants if they are adorably high-waisted and/or sailor inspired. And if they are shorts.

Seriously, have you ever seen Zooey in jeans? No, no you have not.

5. Get Bangs

No adorable hipster retro-twee girl is complete without bangs that mostly cover your eyes.

If you can see, you are not a true Deschanel.

Is Zooey Deschanel your style icon, too? Or do you prefer fewer patterns and more unobstructed eyesight? Let us know in the comments!

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