Here in southern Virginia where I’m from, it’s tradition to celebrate a holiday with food. And I don’t mean just some holidays, I mean every little holiday that pops up on the calendar. Even a few that don’t!

Take Pi day, for instance. Seems perfectly obvious to me celebrate Pi day with pie. And if I must make a math calculation out of it, I’ll gladly cut my homemade blender custard pie into 3.14 slices and share it with a couple of y’all. (As long as I’m not the one with the .14 bite!)

I know I’m not the only one who’d rather eat pie than do math. Mac Honeycutt, owner of Mac’s Bakery in the fictional town of Adams Grove, would hands-down agree with me. If you’ve read any of my novels set in Adams Grove, then you already know he’s darn near famous for serving up the best sugary pastries around. He even made it to the finals on  one of those reality-TV shows, but the poor guy got disqualified when his extreme cake baked up a smidge too short. Came as no surprise to the locals—everyone in town knows that Mac can rock a recipe, but the poor guy breaks into hives at the slightest mention of math.

So Mac and I are heading up a petition drive to change Pi Day to Pie Day—and celebrating by cutting all our pies into 3.14 slices. (And the .14 bites are for extra helpings only!)

What kind of pie would you like an extra-wide slice of in honor of Pi(e) Day? Here are a few sweet suggestions from my Adam’s Grove series (also shown on Pinterest! Pick one, or pick ‘em all because Pi(e) Day only comes once a year!



Hugs and happy Pi(e) Day!