For Christmas this year I received one of the best presents ever: a Pride and Prejudice scarf. Yes, some enterprising Etsy artist figured out a way to print pages from my favorite book onto an infinity scarf. I. Am. Obsessed.


Amazing, right?

Because I love books so much—and television, let’s be honest—I started thinking about other accessories inspired by my favorite novels or TV shows. Here are some of the best I’ve found so far:

Sherlock Holmes Necklace

Picture 2 resize

A-plus for presentation when it comes to this minimalist quote-based necklace. I love the way it plays with colors…plus it would be an honor to wear something that constantly reminds me of Benedict Cumberbatch.

“How I Met Your Mother” Necklace 


Another quote-inspired piece of jewelry from the folks who brought you this legen—wait for it—dary show.

The Hunger Games Pin:

It seems sacrilegious to do an accessories/book pairing post without mentioning the very famous mocking jay pin that Katniss wears in the book (and movie!). But this wood-burned take is a little more unique than the average bronze version.

Necklace from “2 Broke Girls”:

I’m not going to lie—I kind of hate this show. But I was always drawn to the necklace Caroline wears in the pilot:

and this is a lovely version:


Claire’s Ring from Outlander:


All fans of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series remember the scene where Jamie gives Claire her wedding ring: “Reaching, he took the package from my lap and tore away the wrapping, revealing a wide silver band, decorated in the Highland interlace style…” These two have one of the most romantic stories in literature (soon to be made into a Starz TV series!). How awesome would it be to own a version of Claire’s ring?

The Jewelry of “Downton Abbey”:

Picture 8 resize

Right now Macy’s has a collection of jewelry inspired by “Downton Abbey,” and it’s hard to pick the best piece. Is it the drop earrings above, or this awesome pin?


Or maybe these hairpins?

Picture 10 resize

I can’t decide! Actually, I just want to own everything on this list.

How about you? Any favorites?