North Carolina native
Sarah Addison Allen

There are times when reading a book becomes so much more than just your eyes scanning words on a page. In those times, the act of reading becomes an encounter, a memory, a moment. And when that happens, that book, that author, that character becomes as familiar as a family member, as fond to you as an old friend. Reading transcends the boundaries of paper and ink and we know we will be different for having read that author, found that book, met those characters and visited that setting.

And so when we at She Reads learned that Sarah Addison Allen had a title coming out this year, we begged for early copies, hoping–expecting– that we would be able to share the book with you as a monthly selection. And so this month of March, we are happy to be able to do so. We invite you to disappear inside the pages of Lost Lake, to meet the citizens of this forgotten place, to learn the secrets the land– and people– hide. There is a bit of magic and mystery, a lot of love and hope. It is a story of new beginnings best shared, we think, during this month when winter loses its grip and spring begins to glimmer ahead of us. We hope that you will lose yourself in this story like we did. That you will look up and be surprised the world is still there.


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At She Reads we aim to provide you with books that become so much more than just words on the page. We trust that Lost Lake will be that book for you in March and invite you to join us all month long at to hear from Sarah Addison Allen, to join others in discussing this book, and to celebrate the magic of story.