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Live Interview: The Wolf of Wall Street meets John Grisham, Mike Offit and his stellar debut thriller

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Drawing on his background as a successful Wall Street real estate trader, Mike Offit has penned a stellar debut thriller that exposes the gulf between success and failure as only a true insider could. Mike joins BookTrib to chat about his fascinating exploration into the world of big business and guilty pleasures. Come ready with your questions.


Mike Offit by Beowulf SheehanMIKE OFFIT

Aired LIVE on February 11, 2014 at 4:00 PM (ET)

Nothing Personal

Warren Hament is a bright young man who wanders into a career in finance in the early 1980s. Nothing Personal is the extraordinary story of his rapid ascent toward success, painted against a landscape of temptation and personal discovery. Introduced to the seductive, elite bastions of wealth and privilege, and joined by his gorgeous and ambitious girlfriend, he gets a career boost when his mentor is found dead.

Warren soon finds himself at the center of two murder investigations as a crime spree seemingly focused on powerful finance wizards plagues Wall Street. The blood-soaked trail leads to vast wealth and limitless risk as Warren uncovers unexpected opportunity and unknown dangers at every turn and must face moral dilemmas for which he is wholly unprepared.

Nothing Personal is a stellar debut novel, which follows an increasingly jaded protagonist as he comes of age in a rarified, deeply corrupt world. Offit, a former senior insider, unflinchingly divulges Wall Street’s culture of abuse and portrays the insidious, creeping forces of greed, sex, and power—and the terrible price paid in their thrall.

About The Author

MIKE OFFIT began his Wall Street real estate trading career after graduating from Brown University, and obtained significant success on the Street. After his departure, he turned back to his original passion: writing. He lives in New York City.

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  1. I love reading mystery suspense thrillers…a real whodunit . I am a member of Goodreads and Booktrib and always post a review. I would love to read your novel. It sounds excellent and bound to please.

    Sue from Toronto

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