Welcome to Booktrib’s Live Chat with ROB DELANEY, father, husband, comedian and writer of his debut novel Mother, Wife, Sister, Human, Warrior, Falcon, Yardstick, Turban, Cabbage? He discusses his new book, and the hilarious and heartbreaking true stories inside of them.


Who is that hairy guy in the green Speedo?
He is the author of an endless stream of beautiful, insane jokes on Twitter. He is sober. He is sometimes brave. He speaks French. He loves women with abundant pubic hair and saggy naturals. He has bungee jumped off of the Manhattan Bridge. He enjoys antagonizing political figures. He listens to metal while he works out. He likes to fart. He broke into an abandoned mental hospital with his mother. He played Sir Lancelot in Camelot. He has battled depression. He is funny as s***. He cleans up well. He is friends with Margaret Atwood. He is lucky to be alive.

Read these hilarious and heartbreaking true stories and learn how Rob came to be the man he is today.

Guest Host – Adrianna Costa

ADRIANNA COSTA is an international TV personality, known for covering everything from breaking entertainment news at CNN Headline News, and a live reality competition series on Fox, to the ever-glamorous red carpets for iconic entertainment shows like Extra.

Adrianna is the first TV Correspondent in history to take her hosting duties to the Taxicabs of Las Vegas. She’s the face of a new lifestyle show, Taxi TV produced by Showmedia that plays in each taxi on an interactive TV monitor. Since joining the show, viewer-retention rate has skyrocketed, making Adrianna one of the most recognizable faces in Vegas.