We first fell for JoJo Moyes with her book ME BEFORE YOU, a love story that had us in tears… and anxious for her next offering. So you can bet we were first in line for her new title, THE GIRL YOU LEFT BEHIND, a dual storyline featuring a contemporary and historical heroine.

TheGirlYouLeftBehind_150The fact that we’ve picked THE GIRL YOU LEFT BEHIND as our October selection is a good indicator of how we feel about it. We’re suckers for a good dual storyline, and this one is particularly riveting. We found ourselves momentarily sad each time the narrative changed from contemporary to historical and vice versa– but only momentarily, because we were quickly drawn into each story. These two stories of hardship and heartbreak had us rooting for these women all the way through. Will Liv prove her ownership of her beloved painting? Will Sophie ever see her beloved Edouard again? You have to read to find out!

We hope you’ll join us over at She Reads this month and hear from Jojo as she shares more about the book. You can also share the reading experience with other devoted lovers of story. At She Reads we believe story is the shortest distance to the human heart. This story is sure to reach yours.



From BookList:  Moyes (Me before You, 2012) writes with such clarity that one can almost see the eponymous 100-year-old painting at the center of her wonderful new novel. Also crystal clear are the emotions that protagonist Liv Halston attaches to the portrait. Gifted to Liv by her late husband, David, in celebration of their wedding, The Girl You Left Behind becomes a personal icon, embodying all that was good about their brief marriage. What is less clear is the painting’s provenance and who has the right to assert ownership. Will Liv’s notion of ownership unravel when the artist’s heirs sue to reclaim what they call ill-gotten goods, seemingly misappropriated by German soldiers during WWI? Did the artist’s wife—the subject of the portrait—give or sell it? Can anyone establish a clear trail of legitimate ownership? Does emotional attachment to a work of art have cash value? Can love ever trump greed? At its heart, such questions, thrumming in the background, add depth to what is an uncommonly good love story. –Donna Chavez