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When the selection team at She Reads heard that Liane Moriarty had a new book coming out, we were barely able to contain our anticipation of it, rubbing our hands together and stalking our mailboxes as we waited for our copies to arrive. We had come to Moriarty’s novels separately. One of us found WHAT ALICE FORGOT and was riveted. The other was enthralled with THE HYPNOTIST’S LOVE STORY. So we were predisposed to love whatever she wrote next.

This is what Ariel Lawhon, She Reads’ co-founder, had to say about Liane: “I will read anything by Liane Moriarty. Novel. Short story. Grocery list. Anything. She has a way of tapping into the female psyche like no other author I’ve read. Her themes are very simple and very personal and therefore riveting. But her greatest strength is creating empathy in the most unlikely characters.”

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But I will admit, I had my doubts after ALICE. She couldn’t possibly grip me by the heart as she did with that book, couldn’t give me the same amount of satisfaction in turning that last page and closing the book now that I got then. Reading my first Moriarty novel was an event that could not be replicated. But still, I dared to hope. And with a name like THE HUSBAND’S SECRET it did sound promising.

And that promise, we’re glad to report, delivered. We not only tore through the book, we decided that we simply had to spend the month of September celebrating it, and hosting Liane Moriarty over at our site. So we selected THE HUSBAND’S SECRET as our September book. We don’t want to say too much about the story, because we don’t want to give it away. You just have to read it.

But, a word of caution, make sure you read it when you don’t have any other demands pressing in. Because you will only let anyone who is depending on you down as, chances are, you’ll be unable to tear yourself away. What is the husband’s secret? And how does it affect the lives of 3 random and basically unconnected women? You’ll have to read to find out. And then come visit us over at She Reads to hear from Liane, to take part in discussion with other readers, and just to celebrate the power of this particular story all month long.

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