By Daco

Strong alpha heroes called upon to protect the weaker female sex have long dominated the market. However, the tides are changing. Like the pull of the current before a tsunami, it’s time for fiction to roll out the red carpet for lady spies as the character of a future read. As our world changes into one where women take on more of an active role in careers and politics, they have become the dominate force in shaping the demands of entertainment. In movie media, social gaming, and our next great read, women are moving away from visualizing themselves in subservient and submissive roles long portrayed in the arts. Men also enjoy a strong capable female who can be dressed up to be equally as smooth and resourceful as the traditional James Bond character without losing their air of femininity. Take the lead character in the movie Salt, the Black Widow in The Avengers, and the still-famous Catwoman from Batman; Jordan Jakes in The Libra Affair is every bit as sexy and capable as her gender counterpart James Bond, Jason Bourne, or Ethan Hunt.

NEW-COVER-for-The-Libra-Affair-with-quote1In my debut novel, The Libra Affair, a thriller and romantic suspense, the heroine, Jordan Jakes, a CIA covert operative, is embroiled in a complicated mission, taking place in a hostile country with geopolitical implications. When she disappears, her targeted love interest, Ben Johnson, a NASA scientist, will stop at nothing to find her. As soon as he finds her, everything goes haywire. Jordan not only has to resolve a seemingly endless array of complications to complete her mission, but she must also tend to the needs of a man she thought she had left behind forever, the man she had fallen in love with. Like Evelyn Salt, she has to make choices, hard ones. The story revolves around intense, gritty action, and is played out through suspense, action, and dialog.

While the roles that women spies have played during wartime have been documented in non-fictional reads, fictional reads featuring women have been sparse. A tough, kick-butt fictional agent like Jordan Jakes mirrors not only the importance of the lady spies of the past, and also reflects the movement of the modern women. Operatives of yesterday were saving the world through intelligence and brute strength, typically a male characteristic, but today’s readers have a more transgender approach to their heroes. They can identify with what it takes to be strong and successful in this world and this does not depend upon the sex of their hero. In the real world, women are gaining positions of power. Strong women place their lives on the lines every day to make the world a safer place. The fiction of The Libra Affair is a reflection of our future reality, and the market is ripe for change. Move over Bond, it’s time for Jordan Jakes.