Reviewed by Julie Johnson

Daniel and Casey first get together in high school and try to date during college but it just doesn’t ever click so they go their separate ways.  Though they can’t make a go of a relationship, their connection is undeniable, as is their ability to write amazing songs together.  Years go by and life hasn’t turned out quite like they expected.  Can seeing an old friend remind them of their dreams?

Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not? is a sweet story about the paths we take in life and the ones we don’t.  About two people who meet time and again but the timing is wrong and they just can’t connect.  Daniel is intriguing as a man with big dreams that just aren’t working out and his struggle to decide whether to let go or keep on dreaming.  Regardless of whether your dreams are big or little, you can find something to relate to in Daniel’s plight.  Casey is the woman who gave up her fanciful dreams for those that are more realistic and has a lot to deal with when those dreams fall apart.  Now she’s got a second chance but she has to decide what she really wants for her future.

My only problem with the story is the non-linear story telling … and that’s only because I’m not a patient person.  It’s all about the tease as we bounce back and forth between today and the past, but it just made me anxious to learn all of their secrets.  I’m sure most people won’t mind it but if you like to read the last page first, like I often do, there’s a good chance this one isn’t for you.  If the idea of a slow build intrigures you though, definitely pick this one up.

Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not? is based on married music duo Thompson Square’s hit song and they’ve turned it into an interesting book, one full of angst and emotion and dreams and second chances.

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